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Full Interior Valet

An interior valet is usually only recommended for people who are going to properly maintain the outside of the car themselves. After all, protecting your paintwork is protecting your investment.

Valet Features

  • 30 minute power vacuum of the interior.
  • Carpets, seats and upholstery are shampooed.
    *Some seats may also require steam clean and dry to remove
    stains and prevent them drying with watermarks. These options
    are listed on the 'Extras' list below are £15.00 each
  • The windows are cleaned and polished inside and
    out using our citrus window cleaning polish.
  • The dashboard, vinyl/plastics, parcel shelf is brushed and dusted, and/or washed as needed. Satin polish is applied if required.
  • Ashtrays are emptied, washed and cleaned.
  • Air freshener is applied (optional).

All this plus one FREE  £15.00 Extra from the Silver Valet Extras list.

'Something to build upon'

Now that we have the basics covered, we can tailor this valet to suit the particular needs of your vehicle, either by choosing Extras from the Interior Extras list, or from the Interior Services menu [contents]. To get you started we will give you one free extra from the Inteior Extras list.

'Spoilt for Choice?'

If you are having trouble deciding which Extras to have, you don't need to decide now. We will appraise your car with you, our friendly staff will explain all the options with you and advise which services are right for you. Our Promise, We only sell you what you need and charge what we quote, that's guaranteed!

Interior Extras

Only £15.00 each
This item maintains your vehicles value maintains value
This item raises vehicle value raises value
Headlining Cleaned
Hand Cleaned.
Interior steam clean
We use 100% pure steam. Nothing else compares for removing stains and killing bacteria. For some cars, the Super Dry option (below) may be required to prevent stains from returning.
Extra 30 minute Power Vacuum.
Especially useful for people who own children and animals.
SuperDry Interior [Link]
Only New Again can return your car dry! Choose between our 1hour blow dry or overnight dehumidifier.
Courtesy car available at superb rates
There's no VAT to be added to our prices - *Terms and conditions apply. [Link]

Price Menu

...we will help you to choose when you are here

Sizes Prices
Small £67.20
Medium/Small Sports £78.00
Executive/Sports car £89.40
Large Exec./Large Sports/Small 4x4 £98.40
XL Exec./People Carrier/4x4 £110.40
Super Size P.O.A.
*NEW! Interior Deep Clean for very dirty cars with years/miles of ground in dirt.
Extra cleaning in addition to your Silver valet.
please ask
for details
NEW! Double Clean for problem cars we
valet it twice, we can even strip out the interior.
please ask for details
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Average valet time: 4hrs 45min - 7hrs 20min + drying times

*Terms and conditions apply. [Link]
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Leather Conditioner by AutoSmart


All leather will dry out over time, but as car interiors get so hot in the summer, it's is especially important to feed and condition the leather to keep it soft and supple. This will help slow the effects of ageing and wear. The leather is cleaned and the conditioner applied, it's then buffed off with a soft cloth. This product contains no silicone.


Spare Wheel/Compartment Clean


The whole compartment including spare wheel is washed and steam cleaned. Tool kit is cleaned and stored correctly. (Just in case you had a puncture and had to throw your dirty wheel and tools back in).


Odour Kill


Odour Kill Sample Prices


Service Prices
Accident Clean-up from £27.00
Pairing Thermo-Fog £38.00
Double Fog + Antimicrobial + Targeted Injections £168.00
Odour Kill
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Smoke, dog, urine, water leaks, damp, mould, fuel, milk and vomit are the most common odours. You may be able to cure your problem with our D.I.Y. solutions, otherwise we have a range of services to choose from..


Accident Recovery


Spillage's can often be rectified if dealt with correctly and quickly. If your your child has been sick in your car, and you have cleaned it up, usually this can be dealt with very easily. But your soap and water can often spread the problem leading to smells later. We will extract and shampoo the whole area and surrounding area then inject our Bio-active enzyme odour kill and blow dry.
Where your child's accident has already been cleaned up, milk, Chinese takeaways, and the contents of broken booze bottles, and even small paint spills are all covered under our 'Spilled food & Drink' service.

Accident Clean


Important! - You purchase one half hour of accident clean-up, this allows us to get a feel for how long the clean-up will take. We will then call you with a more accurate estimate -- at this point you can decide if you want to claim on your insurance. Most accident/spills can be cleaned up within 1 hour.

Service Prices
Spilled food & Drink - Paint
First ½ hour £21.00
Each further ½ hour £21.00
Hourly Rate £42.00
Hazardous Substances
First ½ hour £26.50
Each further ½ hour £26.50
Hourly Rate £53.00
Material Costs per Hour - For specialist machines and products such as mould inhibitors, enzymes, & solvents. Normal materials/sundries are in included in the hourly rate, eg detergents, masks & gloves. £8.00
Supagard - Upholstery Protection Carpet & Seats (if bought with above) £48.00
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Fire & Flood


We have the technology to deal with the results of flood and smoke damage from small fires. We can also deal with serious spillage's of paint and some other chemicals. However, serious damage may need various replacement parts and is usually done through an insurance company. But in many cases we are able to help with problems and provide a service which amounts to less than your insurance excess if dealt with in time.

Call us for advice, use Ask the Experts, or bring the car straight to us for an assessment.

Please visit our Articles Page to see examples of how we deal with Fire & Smoke Damaged Cars, and Flood Damaged Cars.

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