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"I only have a small scuff..
do I have to pay the full amount?"

...the alternative

Cosmetic repair can, in some, circumstances be a viable alternative to refurbishment.

Although not an invisible repair, on small areas of scuffing, a cosmetic wheel repair can greatly enhance the appearance of a wheel for a fraction of the cost.

We have been testing new techniques and are pleased with the results - so please ask us if your wheel is a viable candidate. [more] Cosmetic repairs for alloy wheels.

If you want 'refurbishment', I'm afraid that you do have to pay the full amount, but for good reason. Some companies repair just the damaged area, or repair just the rim, but there are drawbacks with this method. As already mentioned, it is extremely difficult to match the paint colour on wheels. Even if you do have the correct colour, silver is a notoriously difficult colour to match, and a difficult colour to spray, meaning that even under ideal circumstances it is almost impossible to match the original finish exactly... so if you repair just a patch, you can end up with a patchy finish.

The second problem is that if you have to repair a small area, the paintwork will need to be faded-in (to do otherwise would leave a hard edge). Fading-in the paintwork will mean that the paintwork is very thin at the edges. We have found that this thin paintwork can sometimes cause problems. It has to be considered that the wheels receive more punishment than any other part of the car, and to clean them requires fairly harsh chemicals. We feel that only the best is good enough for our customers, and the only acceptable way to refurbish an alloy wheel is to strip it down and apply completely new coats of paint and lacquer.

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