What is my car worth? Car Valuation Guide

'How much is my car worth?'

Four Easy ways to value your car...

1. Glass's Online Price Guide
Condition adjusted valuation £3.50
Easiest, quickest and most accurate according to our friends in the trade. Everybody in the trade knows the Glass's Guide, it is the longest established price guide for the motor trade. You can obtain dealership part exchange values (adjusted for the condition of the car) and a dealership retail value for your car. If you are selling privately, you can judge the value of your car as being approximately half way between the Trade and Retail prices, but your car will have to be in excellent condition.
They supply you with a printable PDF document as a valuation certificate - as Glass's is the most trusted name in the business this can be used when negotiating with buyers.

Parkers car valuation guide 2. Parker's Online Price Guide
Free condition ajusted valuation on cars newer than 2000 - Condition adjusted valuation for older cars £3.49 for a days use.
Parkers is part of the same group as CAP who provide price guide for the whole car industry, so you can rely on them to be accurate. However, unlike the CAPs guide, Parker's is aimed at private sellers (and buyers) and gives prices adjusted for mileage, condition and extras.

Autotrader car price guide 3. Autotrader Guide
Condition adjusted valuation £3.50
AutoTrader used to have a valuation guide which was backed by WhatCar, but now they have switched to Glass's Guide and it no longer free, but it is more accurate.
When selling your car it is essential to get an accurate valuation which is condition ajusted for your specific model. As this is essentially the same as Glass's (above) there is no real advantage in using it -- in fact, I found the user interface didn't like working in my browser.

Research for Yourself!4. Research for Yourself
The most accurate method... And it's FREE!
If you are selling privately, you will want the most accurate valuation possible. Find out how to do it on page 5 of our Selling Guide.

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Increase the value of your car

Top 10 tips
to get more for your car

Used car dealers can make money selling cars because they maximize value. Find out how it's done. [more]10 ways to increse the value of your car.