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Paintwork, Restoration and Protection.

Exterior Valet

We recommend the Exterior Valet for cars that are either exceptionally clean inside, or for customers who like valeting the inside themselves. But this valet is usually used for vehicles which have some problem with the paintwork. This may be spray from road marking paint or tar, or faded and dull paintwork.

Supagard Fabric Protector
Offer ends 1/9/2017


Valet Features

  • Your vehicle exterior is hot pressure washed.
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned and sheened.
  • The windows are cleaned and polished using our
    citrus window cleaning polish.
  • Exterior trim is washed and sheened
  • Bodywork is polished with either cut back wax or long life wax to protect your paintwork from rust and corrosion caused by the effects of harmful UV radiation, rain, salt, and oxidization.

All this plus one FREE  £15.00 Extra from the Exterior Valet Extras list.

'Something to build upon'

Now that we have the basics covered, we can tailor this valet to suit the particular needs of your vehicle, either by choosing Extras from the Exterior extras list, or from the Exterior Services menu [contents]. To get you started we will give you one free extra from the Exterior Extras list.

'Spoilt for Choice?'

If you are having trouble deciding which Extras to have, you don't need to decide now. We will appraise your car with you, our friendly staff will explain all the options with you and advise which services are right for you. Our Promise, We only sell you what you need and charge what we quote, that's guaranteed!

Exterior Extras

Only £15.00 each
This item maintains your vehicles value maintains value
This item raises vehicle value raises value
This item maintains your vehicles value
AutoSmart Long Life Wax
Lasts for over 5 months!
Engine hand cleaned and finished with WD-40 moisture protection moisture protection. [Link]
Prevents corrosion and helps your car start on cold damp mornings.

More Extras

This item maintains your vehicles value
Multi-Glaze Long Life Sealant Long Life paint glaze sealant. [Link]
Multi-glaze comes with a 1 year guarantee
This item maintains your vehicles value
AutoSmart Silver Sealant Paint Glaze Sealant. [Link]
AutoSmart Silver Seal comes with 2 year guarantee see link
There's no VAT to be added to our prices - *Terms and conditions apply. [Link]

Price Menu

...we will help you to choose when you are here

Sizes Prices
Small £67.20
Medium/Small Sports £78.00
Executive/Sports car £89.40
Large Exec./Large Sports/Small 4x4 £98.40
XL Exec./People Carrier/4x4 £110.40
Super Size P.O.A.
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Average valet time: 4hrs 45min - 7hrs 20min

*Terms and conditions apply. [Link]
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Engine Hand Clean*


Steam cleaning is recommended only on certain vehicles, usually to help find an oil leak. You should check with your dealer if your car is okay to steam clean, as some vehicles have sensitive electrics in the engine compartment. If this is the case, we can hand clean the engine/compartment.


Engine Protection


    A lot of cars have little or no corrosion protection under the bonnet. This is where rust and corrosion often begins, but it can be easily avoided by treating bare metal areas, clips, screws and bolt heads. Even where the battery earths to the body is almost always left corrode while while the other end is lead and greased.
We use the famous Hammerite Waxoyl which can be applied to already corroded areas, and WD-40 moisture protection oil. (All this is included as part of an extra on the Gold Valet, with Rain-X and re-grease locks and hinges).


High-Gloss System

Buffing Paintwork

High-Gloss HG1s and HG2s is a paint restoration system which can be used either in one, two or three stage buff and gives exceptional results for the treatment and restoration of faded, dull or scratched paintwork.

We can restore even the most faded and dull paintwork to a 'nearly new' condition. It's also great for reducing small scratches which haven't broken the base coat, such as those caused by Car Washes and hedgerows.T "Thank you Clean Image"

Please note, with these services we are following a safe formula of buffing. It will remove oxidization and reduce scratches. But if you require perfection, please see our Paint Correction Services.

High Gloss - Paintwork Restoration/Machine Polishing


Service Prices
High-Gloss 1 stage buff
£24.00 +valet
High-Gloss 2 stage buff
£60.00 +valet
High-Gloss 3 stage buff
£96.00 +valet
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Why not visit our Articles page to see more examples of paintwork restoration and buffing. Not to mention the restoration we carried out on a Porsche - You will be amazed!

Please also look at our paintwork restoration services.


Clay Bar / Acid Bath / Fallout Removal


You might not know it, but if you often park near a railway or some industrial areas, your paint is probably being eaten by rail dust. Rail dust is caused by train wheels on railway tracks, or any other process or mechanism where metal wears against metal. A fine dust is created which has a negative charge and is attracted to cars like a magnet, which have a positive charge. When rainwater then hits these metal particles, they rust, creating powerful corrosive chemical compounds which eat the binders which hold your paintwork together. Eventually, this will eat right through the paintwork and lead to rusty bodywork.
This Rail dust can be removed, and the corrosive compounds naturalized

Clay Bar / Acid Bath / Fallout Removal


Service Prices
Medium Clay Bar £25.00 +valet
Heavy Duty Clay Bar £54.00 +valet
Acid Bath and Heavy Duty Clay Bar £53.00 +valet
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Why not visit our Articles page to read more about Industrial Fallout & Rail dust Removal

Other forms of Inudustrial Fallout and Spillages
We are also fully equiped to remove Concrete Splatter, Paint (including road marking paint), varnish, tar, limescale and organic residue.


Paint Sealants - Intro

There are many things which can ruin you paintwork, UV radiation, road salts, acid rain and industrial fallout. Paint glaze sealants provide a tough plastic based coating with shields your paintwork against all but the harshest of hazards. [more]

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