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Our Drivers can Collect
from anywhere in the UK

Our mature and fully insured drivers on the way to Glasgow.
Our mature and fully insured drivers on the way to Glasgow

If you have a car and you need us to collect it, but you're the otherside of the country and can't spare the time to deliver the car to us, or you may be close by but haven't got a driver to run you back. You can take advantage of our collection service. Our drivers are all mature, experienced and fully insured. We can collect from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

If you have a car which is drivable and not too unpleasant to be in, this can work out suprisingly cost effective.

Collection costs £1.76+vat per mile (plus expenses if required i.e. overnight accomodation) with a minimum charge of £68.05+vat. We will require a telephone booking deposit of £50.
All you need to work out an estimate is to use an online route planner to calculate the distance from your postcode to ours: CM1 1 GJ.







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