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"Do you take the tyres off?"

Never. The wheel is removed from your car, and the tyre deflated. Once the air has been removed from the tyre a pneumatic machine is used to push the edge of the tyre down out of the way of the rim. Once the wheel has been refurbished, the tyre is reflated and will be in exactly the same position that it was in before we started, meaning that the wheel will not need re-balancing.

This machine is used for pushing the tyre down and away from the wheel rim.


"Can you fit tyres?"

Such things are best left to the experts, but luckily there is an excellent tyre centre just 75yds from us. If you want new tyres, we usually recommend having them fitted before coming to us for alloy wheel refurbishment, as the fresh paintwork on your refurbished wheels will take a while to fully cure and become hard. Having new tyres fitted too soon after refurbishment may cause damage to the newly painted surface.


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