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Upholsterers & Trimmers
The companies listed on this page repair and replace fabric and leather upholstery, carpets and door panels. Trimmers and upholsters tend to be small businesses working our of workshops who deal mostly with the trade, therefore don't have web sites, so we have listed telephone numbers, but don't be put off if there is no address, this usually means that 'craftsman' works from home and visits are by appointment only.

Important Note - This page contains links to companies that we feel may be of use to our customers and patrons of this website. However, unless noted, we have not ourselves used these companies or received feedback from our customers about their reliability or standard of work. For companies that are recommended, see Our Directory
We welcome feedback about any listed companies.


J. Cooper Car Trimmers
This Kent based car trimmers has been recommended to us by one of our customers, who is having them work on the leather seats in his classic Mercedes (we hope to show you the photos in the near future). Cooper's have over 30 years experience in car trimming and they list hoods and convertibles as one of their specialties - which makes them worthy of mention in any address book.

And of course, they also do the usual magic you would expect from a car trimmers such as custome re-trims and re-upholstering vintage cars in leather. Their Gallery is well worth a look.


Bull Alley
Welling, Kent
DA16 1TR
Not mobile!

Tel: 020 8304 0262
Mob: 07956 956 776
Fax: 020 8303 8497

Note: They have email listed on their website, but prefer if you phone them.




Barton & Son Craftsmen Coachtrimmers
Based in Luton, we have heard many good things about this company, and have seen their work which is outstanding. They do all the usual stuff such as replacement panels, ripped fabric hoods, and of course re-upholstering modern and classic cars.

They can also do leather steering wheels.


Barton & Son Craftsmen Coachtrimmers
Luton, Bedfordshire.
Not mobile!

Please phone for an appointment. Mon-Fri.

Tel: 01582 412932


Clean Image have seen the work carried out by this company on this Porsche.
It was superb!

Examples of their work can be found on their website.


Trimcare are based in Yeldham in Essex and we were told about this company by Darrel Penn of Trimcraft who is well know to us as he also does mobile upholstery repairs in our area, he is certainly a man who knows his way around upholstery and he recommends Trimcare for work of a major repair nature.


Unit 24,
Hunnable Ind Est.,
Great Yeldham,
Not mobile!

Tel: 01787 463 388
Mob: 07803 708644

Click here to see a Showcase
of this company's work


"Very quick and extremely friendly service. Knew what he was doing and carried out a very professional job.
No hesitation in recommending him to anyone else.
Ross McKay - Basildon.
Click here for photos of a burn repair



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