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Underseal and Rust Proofing
The companies listed on this page perform Underseal, rustproofing, Waxoyl coatings and Dinitrol treatments for the protection of Land Rovers and 4x4s.

Important Note - This page contains links to companies that we feel may be of use to our customers and patrons of this website. However, unless noted, we have not ourselves used these companies or received feedback from our customers about their reliability or standard of work. For companies that are recommended because we have used them, see Our Directory
We welcome feedback about any listed companies.

Before'n'After the home of KLEENtech
As far as we know, Before'n'After is just about the only company in the country that does nothing else but rustproofing - and Chris has been doing it for many years, which I guess makes him the authority on all things undersealed and rust proofed.

Before'n'After use only the best products from Waxoyl, Dinitrol, Steelguard and KLEENtech, to ensure every millimeter of your underbody and arches are covered and protected from rust.

Before'n'After have a collection and delivery service which includes a courtesy car - all at very reasonable rates.

The web site is packed with loads of information and the answers to just about any rustproofing question you could ever think of. They even have a list of things to do in West Berkshire while you are getting your car rust proofed.


Unit 87 West, New Greenham Park. Newbury.

Tel: 01635 32068


"I was most impressed by everything - you seem to have thought of everything and the whole service more than lived up to expectations. Thank you for your conscientious, hard work and such good arrangements."
Paul Ives

Rustmaster Waxoyl application centre
Well it seems there is another company that does just rustproofing! Rustmaster have an application centre in Hertfordshire just off junction 10 of the M1.

Rustmaster use Waxoyl which is a company much trusted by Clean Image as we have been using their products for many, many years. Rustmaster tell me that their emphasis is on customer service - the certainly seem to have a very professional operation running, so I asked them to tell me more:-

Rustmaster Ltd is the only specialist rustproofing company in the UK using Waxoyl Professional corrosion protection products sourced directly from Waxoyl AG in Switzerland. These are not available to private customers or treatments offered by competitors.

The treatment itself is proven the world over and is far removed from the "mask it up and splash it around image" you might have of rust proofing. Components rarely need masking up because Waxoyl Professional products are applied with precision where you can see it and with bespoke equipment where you cannot. The team are Swiss trained in how to get the best protection from these products and how to apply it successfully to any vehicle from micro car to motor home.

We are set up by a team with many years in the motor trade as well as careers in customer service, Rustmaster seeks to combine first class treatment, superior products and a absolute belief that how you treat people is as important as what you do.

Find out more or book a bay at


Hertfordshire (near Luton)

Tel: 01707 274819
or 07774 055 149





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