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Finding a Dent Removal Company

"After contacting other dent removal companies & being told this type of dent was very differcult to remove & that the best i could expect was about 50-60% sucess. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when New Again actually acheived 100%.

I can say without doubt that i would reccommend Kieran & his team at New Again" [more]

Get at least one recommendation

Dent removal is probably the most highly skilled job in the motor trade, there is a huge difference between somebody who is good and somebody who is average. Like the most accomplished musicians and sportsman, to achieve the highest standard requires both talent and huge amounts of dedication and practice.

Body shop repairs are more expensive, so you don't want to end up having panels resprayed if a really good dent man could have removed challenging dents.

There are lots of good dent men out there, Here is an article about how to find them.

When you call, do so from a mobile phone while standing next to the car. They are bound to ask for a description of the dent which will be easier to give if you are looking at it.

It's preferable to go to a static premises than have them come to you

A fixed premises can guarantee conditions suitable for removing dents and is unaffected by rain, cold or lack of light. If you are using a mobile company, then ensure you have the following:-
1. An area with plenty of space, light and sheltered from the element.
2. A power supply is sometimes required on cold days (panels need warming).

If you can't find a recommended dent technician

If they don't have a call out charge, make sure you are confident that they are not being over-ambitious just to avoid a wasted trip. Make sure they are confident that they are not going to make it worse -- we have seen many dents that have been done by a novice which can make them irretrievable. [example]

Ensure you get a mobile and a land line number. Many don't have a business premises, but there should still be a way to contact them if you can't get through to their mobile. An address and website are good things to know.

If you do find a good dent company

...let us know and we will put them on our directory.

Upload a photo to our Q&A

Even if you have no intention of using us...

Click here to see if your dent can be removed.

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