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We are so confident that we can save you at least £50,
that if we can't we'll give you your money back!

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Please chose one of the options below
Free lease appraisal
FREE Appraisal

Unsure? We can give you peace of mind with no obligation.

Just drop in on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday for a free 10 min appraisal by a trained advisor.

There's no obligation to buy, and all we ask is that your car is clean.

Appraisals are available any time by appointment.

lease inspection
1. Basic Evaluation
      Easy to do, but takes longer.

We'll check your car with you on this 46 point inspection, point out any areas of concern and advise you on the cheapest possible accptable repairs. This is not a quote, no obligation, money saving advice.

Service includesa 46 point inspection by BVRLA trained advisor, checksheet, verbal explanation, advice and money saving recommendations: £39.60
lease inspection
2. The 'Just call and book' option
      Premium Service - Easy to do, but takes longer.

We will explain how it all works when you get here. We will assign you a personal advisor who will take care of everything for you.

Service includes lease return valet worth over £39, inspection by BVRLA trained advisor, written report, verbal explanation, advice and money saving recommendations: £190.30
lease guide
3. Follow The 6 Steps

Make life easier for us, and we will make our service cheaper for you. If you read our 6 step instructions and then call and book in you will be armed with most of the information you need to return your car. This saves us huge amounts of time as we don't have to explain it to you.

Price: £134.20
The lovely Anna in a big baggy jumper.
4. DIY - Do it yourself

Much of the work can be done yourself, cleaning your car, changing trim... even the inspection - you then only need to find your own technicians to do the work you can't handle.

There is advice on how to prepare your own car on our Lease Car Guide
5. Fleet Management

If you have a fleet of cars and are finding them a headache, not to mention a huge cost to your business in recharges. Click through here, we may be able to help.

Buy your lease car
6. Buy your leased car

This is not a service we provide, but you may want to consider taking the option to buy your car.

There is advice on how to buy your lease car on our Lease Car Guide

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What is this page all about?

We have found that we need to filter enquiries so that we can spend more time working on cars, and less time answering telephone calls and e-mails. The next few pages are designed to ensure that your enquiry is handled quickly and efficiently. And if you have an enquiry for something we are not able to handle, you will be directed to somebody who can.

"Car Leasing without the surprises!"

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