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Do you check your cars before they go back?

Make sure you don't miss anything with this easy to use checklist.

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Lots of drivers are turning to their fleet departments to help them check their cars to establish what's acceptable and what isn't. Or whether to claim on the insurance or not and the likely cost involved.

We have found that checking the car with the drivers helps them take on board the problems and hopefully see there own fleet department as helping them to weigh up what to repair and what to take a chance with.

We have also put a column for the percentage-chance of a recharge and there's room to put put some of the likely charges based on the real chargebacks. Some things like having screen chips repaired, scratches and stamps in books can be dealt with for free. We have found that doing it this way helps the drivers to see the fleet people as the good guys.

Lastly, we list some of the common things people forget and end up having to pay for like missing keys and service books and stamps in them.

Establishing the condition of the car before it goes back can help avoid arguments later. It also allows cheaper acceptable repair options to be considered before its too late.


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