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Important - Please Read!

We are unable to match the origional finish on two or three colour wheels, especially if one of the colours is a special finish such as the polished finish in photos to the left.

As an alternative, if you require all four wheel refurbished, we can paint them in a single colour. We believe this is a great alternative as a painted finish is a far more durable coating - which is why we guarantee them for 3 years.

Click here to see some examples.

If you only have one damaged wheel you may wish to seek out a specialist refurbishment company to restore just the single wheel. However therere are advantages to refinishing all four in silver as diamond cut wheels are prone to corrosion and often require refurbishment after 1-2 years.

If you do want to reproduce the original finish, please contact:-

Alloy Art
Unit 1, Sutton Park,
Sutton Road

Tel: +44 (0)1702 462773

Or contact:-

ACE Performance Cars
7-11 Murray Terrace
ML11 8JA

Tel: 01555 841000

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