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Leigh-on-Sea (a.k.a Old Leigh, the Cockle Sheds)
Review by Beccy


Old leigh in the old'n times!

Leigh is an old fishing village in Essex approximately 30 miles east of London, down the River Thames. The town comprises of fishing boats, craft shops, pubs, houses, wharfs, marine industries and cockle sheds which stretch along the shoreline and High Street.

In the 16th century Leigh was a large and prosperous sea port due to its position on the shipping route towards London and was also often used by the navy as a defence point against pirates and the French, Spanish & Dutch Navies. It's recorded that ships of up to 340 tons had been built in Leigh around this time. However by the 18th century their deep water channel silted up and the town's importance diminished and it gradually reverted back to a fishing village, assisted by the. The extension of the Tilbury railway to Southend in 1856 split the town in two and many of its classic timber framed buildings were demolished to make way, but the trains were essential for faster transport of fish and seafood to Billinsgate.

Cockle sheds

  • 4 Pubs & Restaurants
  • Cockle sheds
  • Fishing & Sailing
  • Shopping & Crafts
  • The Old Custom House
  • The Smithy
  • The Old Station
  • The Sail loft
  • Numerous restored historic cottages
Distance/Time Taken: 17.8miles. 32minutes drive from Clean Image.

Comments: Old Leigh is a fantastic place to go on a warm day. At weekends you can hardly get near the place in the summer on a weekend, but during the week it's quiet, so you can get a seat outside one of the pubs, have a drink and a plate of cockles... or jellied eels if you are that way inclinded.

Rating 4/5

Osbourne Bros. Est 1881
Estuary Fish Merchants


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