Independent Pre-Return Lease Inspection

We guarantee to save you at lease £50
or we'll give you your money back!

We'll return the cost of the inspection and valet

When you have an inspection done with us, we list the damage to your car, and tell you how much it costs to get fixed. If we can't find any damage on your car, the damage isn't chargeable. Or we can't find repairs that would be at least £50 cheaper to have done than accept as recharges, we'll simply refund you the cost of the inspection. No quibbles... we'll just give you your money back, so there is nothing to lose!

How do you know we'll save you money? You can check with your lease company. [more]Phone your Lease Company.

We'll refund the cost of repairs

We'll also get a money back guarantee on repairs. If we do a repair and you are still charged for it, we'll refund the cost of the repair.
The BVRLA guidelines demand that any repairs be carried out to acceptable standards, so we only offer the highest quality workmanship - so far we haven't had to give a refund for repairs.

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If you wish to know more about returning a lease car or caring for it while you own it, read our Lease Car Guide.

Positive feedback for a Lease Return Inspection
Removing the dents on the door of the RX8

"Hello guys

Just wanted to feedback as I couldn't take your call while I was abroad. I didn't get charged a penny for any damage on the car although they did try and sting me for £3800 for returning the car a year early. This was their clerical error and soon sorted though!

Many thanks for a job well done.

See the Q&A for this customer.

Mazda RX8 Dan Matthews - Surrey - 23/04/09
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