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"Can you repair Split Rims?"

Refurbishing Split rim wheels is something we used to do, however we have taken the decision to stop doing them simply because we wish to offer a same day service and three year guarantee on all our wheels and without splitting the wheels and completely taking them apart, we cannot ensure we have removed all traces of corrosion which is the usual problem with split rims.

While the painted centre section of this BMW wheel is in good condition, the polished rims have tarnished and show signs of corrosion.
In this photo you can see that the lacquer has been broken when the very edge of the rim has been scuffed, corrosion has crept under this causing the lacquer to bubble up and peel away.
If you came here looking for the answer to corroded chrome wheels... chances are you have a Chrysler! This wheel isn't as bad as some we have seen - chrome is great in California, not so good for Cambridge!
Here is the same wheel refinished in metallic silver paint. This is far more durable and suitable for Britain's climate.

As the finish of the rims is polished bare metal, any damage or corrosion needs to be removed by grinding and then polishing on special machines. This is also true of Magnesium wheels which are fully polished metal.
There are engineering companies which can restore your wheels to an original condition by fitting replacement trims - For this please try or

Polished metal is very vulnerable to damage and corrosion, lacquered metal wheels have no primer to help the lacquer key to the metal, so are prone to having the lacquer peel off or bubble up. And studs also tend to tarnish.


"Can you repair leaky split-rims?"

I'm afraid we cannot repair wheels that leak through the split rim, to repair them would involve taking them apart and re-sealing them. Unfortunately we do not have the equipment needed to do this. However, Ace Performance wheel are able to do this (see below).
We have also found out that spray foam won't cure the leak.


"Do you refurbish chrome wheels"

We cannot rechrome wheels - nor can anyone else in Europe for that matter! Steel can be re-chromed, but alloy wheels require a special process, the equipment for which is well beyond the price range of any refurbishment company (around £50 million!)

We are aware of a new process which is paint that looks exactly like chrome, and is far more durable, but unfortunately the is no UK agent for this process at the current time. We'll keep an eye on the situation.

There is however the option of painting chrome wheels in a normal metallic silver finish. Can we do this? It all depends on the level of corrosion - if the chrome is flaking off then the wheels need to be bead blasted to remove it, which is something we don't do here.

Article: How to care for chrome wheels.


"Can you refurbish Diamond-Cut rims?

We can refurbish and paint over diamond cut edges, but you will no longer be left with a diamond cut finish. This finish is more hardwearing and less prone to corrosion, and can be done same day. But if you wish to keep to the original finish, diamond cutting is done on a lathe and you will need to contact an engineering company that specialises in alloy wheels if you want to reproduce this effect.


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