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"Can you repair dented, cracked or buckled wheels?"

I'm afraid that dented and/or cracked wheels need special engineering methods and equipment to repair them. This is very specialized work which at present we are unable to undertake.

You can clearly see that the rim has been bent out of shape and has a flat spot. One of the most important and vital attributes of a wheel is that it be round in shape, any loss of 'roundness' renders the wheel practically useless! Although it is possible for some engineering companies to repair this, it may not be cost effective.
This wheel has a clearly visible crack. The would put repair of this wheel beyond our abilities - besides this, the wheel is actually dented. Again, it is possible to repair this damage, but may not be cost effective for some kinds of wheels.
Although we could repair this split rim, we would not be able to match the original finish. And as it was the only damage on an otherwise pristine and expensive car, it would be worth getting a replacement rim from a Jaguar dealership.

It is possible to repair dented and damage wheels, and may be desirable for rare or very expensive wheels, but in many cases it may be cheaper to source new or used replacements.


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Broken, Twisted, Bent or Buckled Wheels?

For severely damaged wheels, split rims, motorbike wheels, magnesium, polished metal, chrome and other specialty finishes we recommend Ace Performance.

If you tell them you were refered by Clean Image, they will give you a 10% discount!

broken, twisted, dented and backled wheels - Ace Performance Wheels
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