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"Can you refurbish my
special edition MOMOs?"

...speaking of Momo wheels, here is a wheel which has been badly scuffed around the rim and there is also a major scuff on one of the spokes (at the top of the photo). Note also that this wheel has gold coloured studs. As this is not a split rim, the studs appear to be decorative. Often such studs are impossible to remove, having been permanently fixed - but we would never remove them regardless
This photo shows the wheel once refurbished. As we don't remove studs and they are near impossible to mask, they have been painted over and are now the same colour as the wheel. The brushed aluminium centre-cap with printed lettering would be removed or masked during painting. Otherwise, all printing on wheels is usually painted over as it is not practical to mask.
You can just about see the printing on the main body of this OZ wheel, we would not be able to mask this and so it would be over-painted. The only other option would be to repair just the damaged area. This is one of the rare occasions where we wouldn't refurbish the whole wheel.

Probably! Unfortunately we don't know all types of wheels by heart. These days most cars have alloy wheels and there are so many manufacturers and types that it is impossible to keep track of them all. This article will give you a good idea of what we can and cannot do, but if you are in any doubt, send us a photo and we can usually tell at a glance.

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