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"Can you colour match my wheels?"

We can colour match your wheels if you can supply the paint codes. But unfortunately, very few cars come complete with the paint codes for the alloy wheels. In many cases, the paints we use are the exact same ones used by the wheel manufacturers, because we get our paint from the same supplier they do. The same is true of our lacquers and primers.

A slight scuff on a white Mini wheel. Damage often looks worse and shows up more on coloured wheels.
This BMW has a special coating (black chrome) which we cannot match. On this vehicle we repainted all four wheels to a new colour which is similar.

Often car manufacturers buy in their alloys already painted, so even if you contact the vehicle manufacturer they are unable to tell you the paint codes. The actual manufacturer of the wheels may be in Italy, Canada, America or Japan, and are not easily contacted. It's been our experience that trying to find the exact paint codes can mean spending hours on the phone, often without result (they promise to phone you back, do they ever?). To give you an idea of the lengths our wheel man has gone to, he has even had the paintwork on some wheels analysed to try and find the colours... even with this CSI-type method it isn't always possible to find the exact paint formula.

The vast majority of alloy wheels are silver in colour, and most of those are a very similar shade. Some are Anthracite (metallic grey) and others are gold or white. We have a range of paints which are very close to these standard colours, and as we always paint the whole wheel, and on most cars we paint all four wheels, you would never notice any any slight difference in colour.


Some wheels have have a coating which is the result of a special process which we are unfortunately unable to reproduce this process at the moment even if you can bring us the paint codes. We can however paint all your wheels in a new colour which is similar.

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Sometimes we are given a set of wheels which have been refurbished before. It's sometimes the case that when they were refurbished the first time, they were refurbished in the wrong colour, or maybe the customer asked for a darker or brighter shade! In such cases, it's unusual for us to be supplied with a colour reference, and so we can only do our best to match the colour by eye. In these circumstances, we suggest that you have all the wheels repainted.

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Broken, Twisted, Bent or Buckled Wheels?

For severely damaged wheels, split rims, motorbike wheels, magnesium, polished metal, chrome and other specialty finishes we recommend Ace Performance.

If you tell them you were refered by Clean Image, they will give you a 10% discount!

broken, twisted, dented and backled wheels - Ace Performance Wheels
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