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Our Basic Valet

Ideal for cars from brand new to two years old.

Did you realize that a car without a regular valeting would devalue by 30-40% more than a well maintained car.
This is the ideal valet to help your vehicle keep it's value.T "I've now decided to keep my car a bit longer."

All you have to do is book in and turn up, and allow five minutes for us to assess your car with you. We will then tailor the valet for your needs, offering a wide range of waxes and sealants for those people who wish to protect their investment, or maybe just the basics for a nearly new vehicle to be traded in at the dealers.T "great job done by a great set of staff"

Supagard Fabric Protector
Offer ends 1/9/2017


Valet Features

  • Your vehicle exterior is hot pressure washed.
  • 20 minute power vacuum of the interior.
  • The windows are cleaned and polished inside
    and out usingour citrus window cleaning polish.
  • The dashboard is brushed and dusted.
  • Air freshener is applied.
  • Wheels and tyres are cleaned and sheened.
  • A generous coating of our house wax is applied by hand to protect your paintwork from rust and corrosion caused by the effects of harmful UV radiation, rain, salt, and oxidization, leaving a lovely shine

All this plus one FREE  £10.00 Extra from the Bronze Valet Extras list.

'Something to build upon'

Now that we have the basics covered, we can tailor this valet to suit the particular needs of your vehicle, either by choosing Extras from the Bronze extras list, or from the Specialist services menu. To get you started we will give you one free extra from the Bronze Extras list.

'Spoilt for Choice?'

If you are having trouble deciding which Extras to have, you don't need to decide now. We will appraise your car with you, our friendly staff will explain all the options with you and advise which services are right for you. Our Promise, We only sell you what you need and charge what we quote, that's guaranteed!

Bronze Extras

Only £10.00 each
This item maintains your vehicles value maintains value
This item raises vehicle value raises value
Rain-X Screen/headlights/mirrors. [Link]
Repels water and dirt on glassware for up to 3 months.
Extra 15 minute Power Vacuum.
Especially useful for people who own children and animals.
15 minute miscellaneous.
For odd jobs such as removing chewing gum or stickers, or dealing with small stains. You can also use this time to have us clean off a golf trolley or set of clubs.
Bumper & exterior trim sheen.
Cleans and sheens all exterior plastic and rubber.
One complete seat shampoo.
Ideal for vehicles which do not need a complete shampoo but grubby marks in localized area[s].
Not suitable for stains which will require steam cleaning.

More Extras

This item raises vehicle value
Cut Back Restoring Wax from AutoSmart [Link]
For lightly dull, matted or faded paintwork.
This item maintains your vehicles value
AutoSmart Long Life Wax
Lasts for over 5 months!
This item maintains your vehicles value
Multi-Glaze Long Life Sealant Long Life paint glaze sealant. [Link]
Comes with a 1 year guarantee*
There's no VAT to be added to our prices - *Terms and conditions apply. [Link]

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Price Menu

...we will help you to choose when you are here

Sizes Prices
Small £54.00
Medium/Small Sports £57.60
Executive/Sports car £62.40
Large Exec./Large Sports/Small 4x4 £68.40
XL Exec./People Carrier/4x4 £74.40
Super Size P.O.A.
There's no VAT to be added to our prices

Average valet time: 2hrs 15m - 3hrs 30m

*Terms and conditions apply. [Link]
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