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Guest Article - By Matt Elliston of Jewelultra 04/08/06

“Why Diamondbrite?”

A lot of people ask me why they need Diamondbrite Paint & Fabric Protection and there are many answers to this question.

For the majority of us we buy a new car with every intention of washing it weekly and waxing it once a month. The reality is that this will happen for the first few months then other interests take over or the winter months arrive. You never see someone out waxing his or her car in the sleet or snow. In the winter the vehicles paintwork comes under attack from things like road salts and traffic film. This kind of neglect will have a negative impact on the vehicles paintwork

More and more manufacturers are switching from solvent based paint to water based paint and are using thinner paint. This is great for the environment as the manufacturing and application of water-based paint is very kind to the atmosphere, but the lack of solvents in it does make it a lot softer.

Being softer means that the paint finish is a lot more susceptible to damage from the elements that your vehicle is exposed to on a daily basis. These can include road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants.

This damage is caused because the paintwork on you vehicle is Porous (much like your skin) and impurities will trap themselves in the pores of the paintwork. Over time this will continue to build up and you will find it much harder if not impossible to keep you vehicle looking really good. We also have the added worry of UV rays attacking the paintwork. This can bleach the pigment within the paint and really make your car look dull. I’m sure most people have seen an old red car that is now pink due to the pigment having been bleached by the sunlight.

Paint Surface is porus
What the Surface of your Vehicle Looks Like

Paint surface with contaminates
What it looks like after impurities gather in the pores

This is where Diamondbrite Paint Protection can step in and solve all of these problems. It is a two stage chemical process that is designed to protect the paintwork from impurities that it will be subjected to on a daily basis whilst also keeping your car looking as new.

The 1st stage of the process is called “The Pre Glaze” This pre glaze will cleanse the pores of the paint and at the same time seal the paintwork leaving a smooth finish.

Stage 1 applied to paintwork

The 2nd Stage is “The Glaze” This is then applied over the top of Stage 1 and left to cure. The curing process takes around 30 minutes depending on weather conditions. Over this time the Glaze bonds with the Pre Glaze and creates a hard protective skin while also leaving a smooth high lustre finish.

The finished Diamondbrite protection

As long as an authorised application centre has applied the Diamondbrite, this process carries a full six year guarantee from the date of application. This plainly states that your vehicle will maintain the “Straight from the Showroom” look without ever having to polish it again. The hard protective sealant will also prevent impurities from within the atmosphere actually touching the paintwork. Obviously, as they cannot actually make contact with the paintwork then they cannot damage it.

All you will need to do to maintain the vehicles appearance is follow a very simple maintenance procedure. The main part of this is washing the vehicle regularly using a good quality car shampoo (Jewelultra Car Shampoo is perfect for this) then, once a month following washing the vehicle you need to apply the Jewelultra Diamondbrite Conserver. This has been formulated to maintain the Diamondbrite protection and is used as a rinse aid. All you need to do is place a cap full of the Conserver in a bucket of clean water and sponge it over the vehicle. Once you have done this you should leather off in the normal way. The conserver will identify and reseal any areas where the initial Glaze protection has been eroded. The main culprit for this is Petrol/Diesel spillages. Continued use of the Conserver will continue to build up the glaze protection and keep you vehicle looking great for many years to come. The Conserver and a bottle of Jewelultra Car Shampoo are included in you aftercare pack.

As well as protecting the exterior of your vehicle, the Jewelultra Diamondbrite protection also includes an interior protection package. The fabric protector will protect fabric without the comfort and appearance of the seat being compromised. It works by coating each individual strand of fabric and makes every day spillages and stains easier to remove and in most cases staining will never occur in the first place. The fabric protector is applied to any fabric seats, door cards and carpet lining in the vehicle and like the paint protection, it also carries a six-year guarantee.

Leather upholstery can also be catered for with the Jewelultra Leather feed and cleaner. This is a specialised cleaner, which preserves leather, keeping it supple and flexible. This is provided as an option on your aftercare pack.

By opting to have the Diamondbrite paint and fabric protection process applied to your vehicle it is clear to see the benefits. The main one has to be that you will never have to polish your car to maintain its “as new” look. This will obviously mean more time for you to get on with enjoying your weekends rather than spending 2 or 3 hours sweating over the polishing cloths!! And of course, by opting for Diamondbrite you are protecting what is probably the second biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime.

Cars are now much more reliable and built to run for hundreds of thousands of miles. Very few now have major mechanical problems and most just have the routine servicing in their lifetime. As a result of this, when a dealership are looking at your vehicle to take it in as part exchange, they are judging the vehicle on its cosmetic appearance inside and out. Most dealers use a price guide that list 3 separate prices for each vehicle. These prices are under the headings of Clean, Average and Poor. The headings are fairly self-explanatory. Clean is a vehicle that inside and out looks just likes a new vehicle. Average describes a vehicle as being just that, average to look at and it needs a very good valet to make it look good. Poor is just that, the car looks very poor and its owners have neglected the vehicles condition. Most vehicles that would fall under the Poor condition will never be able to look like they did when they were brand new, regardless of how much cleaning is done to it.

By having Diamondbrite on your car, it should remain in the clean category of the guide and this will make a huge difference. If you were to take something like a top spec Range Rover, the difference between the Clean and average price can be as much as £5000. Now I know that we do not all drive around in Range Rovers but even the more mainstream models will have huge differences in the price. Something like a Ford Focus could drop by around £500-£600 by being in the Average section instead of Clean.

This alone far out weighs the initial purchase price of Diamondbrite and just think that extra money for your old car means you might be able to afford the next model up the range. So in the long term Diamondbrite saves you time, money and effort.

And if your still not sure, take a look at what a 15-year-old vehicle looks like after having Diamondbrite applied when it was new.

Matt Ellistone
Jewelultra UK

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