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Rain water leaking into a car

Leak detection on a Renault Clio.

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This Renault Clio has come in because the front and rear footwells are soaking wet. So they have called us up for us to try and find the leak, and find out why it's leaking.

The owners of this car have had it since new, there's no sun roof on the car, and the windscreen has never been changed, so that rules out two big things that cause leak now days. A big clue is that there are so many leaves under the bonnet there. The car has been parked under a tree most of it's life, so that could be a big clue there.

The interior is quite wet, when it first got here we sucked quite a bit of water out of it. We put some anti-mould product in the car and you may be able to see that when I push the carpet down there is a bit of water coming out there. We are going to have to dry the car out as well.

An update on the Renault Clio, we have run a fair amount of water over the outside of the car, There is no sun-roof, and the windscreen has never been replaced. With the car being parked under a tree for quite a long time it's caused a 'gather' of leaves here and it's blocked up something because the water is finding it's way in the car after a period of time when you run the water over the outside of the front of the car, it was gushing into the interior and most of the bulkhead was letting water through, it fills up the car within minutes really. You end up with puddles all over the interior, so now wea are going to clean all this away and see if we can find some area which is blocked up, and then once we have all the leaves out of the way we will do another water test to make sure there is no more water coming in the car. And then of course get the interior dry.

Just under the seat is a puddle of water, it's the same on the other side. That goes for the rest of the interor too. The carpet will have to come up so we will probably have to take the seats out, the carpet is quite thin with a thin rubber underlay under that and then you have the thick undertlay it's self which is going to be sopping wet. The carpet will at least have to be raised so we can get underneath it to the footwell dry. And get some anti-mould product in there to stop the mould growing. It smells, it's not very nice.

Okay so we have cleaned all the leaves away from the top of the bulkhead area, you should just be able to see a puddle of water in there. I believe it travels all the way along the top of the bulkhead. This fills up and finds it's way in the car when there is enough water there. As fast as we are clearing water from inside, it's finding it's way back in. Somewhere along here there will be a blockage and that will get rid of the problem most likely.

This is one of the rubber bungs from under the bulkhead and it's completely blocked up. It's supposed to be clean so it can let the water out of the bottom of the car. The water is not getting through there at all so it's just filling up, the end result is that is it is finding it's way into the cat instead of out of the car. So we will clean that up and put it back.


The Renault Clio is well know for leaks, usually it's the sun roof, but this example had a different problem. We set about trying to find why water was leaking into the car and soaking the carpets.


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