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To ensure maximum compatibility, we have chosen the Flowplayer system of displaying videos and we host them on our own super-fast servers. However, some users may not be able to view videos for the following reasons:-

Javascript turned off

If you have JavaScript turned off, then chances are you wouldn't have gotten this far... much of our website relies on Javascript. Back in the early days of the internet, turning off Javascript could offer you some moderate protection against malicious websites, but these days it's much better to rely on anti-virus programs. So we suggest you switch it back on and then restart your computer.

Flash Player out of date

Flash is one of those things that makes the internet so much better. There's no good reason not to install flash and without it, you are missing out on so much! You can learn about Flash here, and download the latest version here. You may need to restart your browser or computer after installation.

You are on AOL

I can only suggest that you do a search for things like 'AOL problems', 'hate AOL', 'AOL fail', 'AOL sucks' and see what we are up against here. I would then recommend finding another service provider -- I admit my bias, web designers tend to hate the AOL virus with a passion and I'm no exception.

If you must use AOL, I recommend NOT using the AOL browser, and instead using a modern, standards compliant, lightweight web browser such as the following:-

You could also use Internet Explorer, but with the exception of the very latest version, it isn't nearly as standards compliant as the others, and has it's own problems with Flash and Video. At the time of writing, we tested the available browsers using AcidTests, the results were as follows:-

Chrome 6.0 ~ 100% PASS

Firefox 3.6 ~ 94% FAIL

Safari 4.0 ~ 100% PASS

Opera 10.62 ~ 100% PASS

Explorer 8 ~ 20% EPIC FAIL Epic Fail

Explorer 9 ~ 95% FAIL

Hopefully the latest version of Firefox will be out soon, the latest version of Explorer is already out and still fails, but I suppose they had much further to catch up.

The AOL browser is based on Explorer, usually not the latest version. If changing browser does not fix the problem, you should try visiting a few more video sites, make a note of which ones work and which don't, then get on to AOL customer support. Good luck. top

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