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rail dust 
DannyDanny Argent ~ 12/09/05

You can see the micro scratches as they catch the light, you can see why we call them spider webs! There is also some acid etching cause by bird muck.

Swirl marks

The photo below zooms out of the same shot to show the overall effect of these spider webs.

Swirl marks on the bonnet

Many people consider this to be normal, and indeed it is for most cars, but for a growing number of enthusiasts this is unacceptable. Everybody is talking about 'Swirl marks' and going out to buy imported Porter-Cable machines which are random orbital polishers. These can greatly reduce this kind of damage. These work by using abrasive compounds but generate no heat, making them reasonably safe for enthusiasts to use, but Willy is convinced that to get the best results requires heat and specially made buffing pads - the final pads are designed to cause large amounts of friction and the final polishes contain no abrasives at all, only oils to help retain the heat on the surface - this method literally melts the paint, softening it enough to smooth it down. This is called 'chemical buffing', while buffing with compounds is called 'physical buffing'.
The compounds used in 'physical buffing' remove a tiny layer of paint, taking the swirl marks away, but Chemical buffing makes far less use of compounds, and it is estimated that this process removes only 10% of the paint that Physical Buffing removes, meaning that it is much safer for your car. It also gives much better results!

While some of the major manufacturers are working on Chemical Buffing systems, as far as we know, the Allpad is the first complete system on the market.

scratches around vents

The photo above shows one of the worst areas which was along the vents. Swirl marks and Spider Webs are usually cased by washing you car - dirt and grit gets trapped in your sponge and gets scraped across your paint causing scratches. These are usually at their worse on areas that are straight, where you tend to rub harder, especially on areas like this vent where you are pushing to get into the recess. You can also see that the paintwork is slightly dull and milky, this is caused by oxidization - this will also be removed by buffing.

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