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DannyDanny Argent ~ 7/07/05
Gary and Sean with the bonnet back at the Valet Centre
At this point you will be wondering why the article is called the "Green Bonnet". I assure you that the bonnet is quite green and it's a mystery why it looks blue on the photos.

It wasn't long before our intrepid heroes were back at the bat-cave with their booty.

"Is that the best you could do?" Said Danny, "We have restored bonnets far worse than that".

"It's fine, it's very dull and oxidized - and there are quite a few scratches" said Gary.

"But we have done bonnets that look like they have been cleaned with a Brillo pad... in fact, a couple of weeks ago we DID do a bonnet which had been cleaned with a Brillo pad!"

So we all hunted around for a Brillo pad but it's not the kind of thing we keep at Clean Image, we don't have much use for them.

Sean valets the bonnet with mud and a scrubbing brush

Mark found a scrubbing brush under the sink in the toilets. "This will do the trick" he said very quietly.

"What?" shouted Danny who is a bit deaf and never appears in photos.

"This will scratch the paintwork enough, don't you think?" whispered Mark.

"Dip it in that muddy drain! Get it covered in grit and crud and really grind it in" Said Danny, who gives orders but never gets his hands dirty.

Mark the scrubber

So that's what mark did... and then we had a cup of tea.

"You better make it clear on the web site that we don't use this technique on customer's cars Dan!" said Gary.

Note - We don't use this technique on customer's cars!





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