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Supagard by Steve Polain of Supagard

Fourteen years ago I was offered a job working for a company called Supagard selling paint sealant, "what's that?" I said.
"It's a polymer based sealant that chemically bonds with your cars paint work, meaning you do not have to polish it for three years" was the answer. I replied with "Do you know the one about the three bears?" But seriously, fourteen years later and I know it works -- That's why 23 leading car manufacturers approve it and have given our products part numbers.

It doesn't matter what car you are buying, every manufacturer uses water based paints due to EU law, that means it is weaker, softer and needs polishing on a regular bases, so it's best to check with your cars maintenance manual. There are people out there who like polishing there car but without under-cover facilities they only do it in the summer, it is the winter when it really needs protecting. The paint work on cars is 125 microns thick by applying Supagard's 100+ paint sealant you are putting another 20 microns of protection on your vehicle, also incorporating a UV factor to stop fading and oxidization of your vehicles paint work, e.g. the red car that's turned pink. This means that anything that lands on it e.g. acid rain, tree sap, road pollutants, salt, traffic film makes it a lot easier to come off.

Steve's Car
When Steve recently got a new company car, it was of course treated with Supagard. He needed a place to do it, so he brought it to us and did it with Gary, which gave them a great chance to discuss and try some of the new products from Supagard -- the new Hydro Coat Water Dispersant is superb.

It doesn't it stop bird lime etching, but it gives you added protection. There are only two things on the market that stop bird lime etching -- either a shotgun or our bird lime neutralizer. We at Supagard believe the only thing you have to do is wash it on a regular basis.

What about the inside you ask? Because you don't want to protect only half of your investment, we use a product called UPT similar to Scotchgard but unlike Scotchgard which is water based, ours is resin based and 10 times stronger. We are quite willing to protect our three-piece suits and carpets which cost a fraction of the price of a car and then throw them away at the end, so you shouldn't think twice about protecting your car's upholstery. The UPT forms an invisible coating around the individual fibres helping to keep the colours in the trim and keeping them stain free. For those of you that purchased a vehicle with leather seats, we supply a leather cleaner and feeder that has been specially formulated to keep your seats clean and supple, preventing them from drying out, cracking and reducing wear.

Last but not least the alloy wheels look very nice new, but it does not take long before the brake dust starts pitting them. Our alloy wheel protector forms a clear stain resistant coating over your alloys and prevents the brake dust from pitting them also making them easier to clean.

These products are not just about enhancing your cars resale value its about having a nice clean car to drive around in while making it easy to keep it in that condition.
Supagard not only have a comprehensive range of car care products we also have an excellent caravan and boat pack. Contact your local dealer for details.

Steve Polain



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