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DannyDanny Argent ~ 12/04/08

“How Good is Supagard?” Part II

Is it worth the money? You be the judge!
We have been dying to get this car in so that we can photograph it! But although we know the owner (Julie) very well, this car doesn't come to us very often because the owner lives fairly close to a reliable hand-wash company and between the wonderful job they do and the paint sealant, there is very little that we can do to improve the condition of the car. During the time she has owned it, it has been to us only twice, both times for an interior valet.

SEAT treated with Superguard.
This is the car with a generous coating of dust on it... not to mention all the salt and grit they have been putting on the roads. (it snowed the day before we took this photo).

This car really does look good. It's like new and so we really are excited about having the chance to show our readers just how well a paint sealant can work. So we videoed the car and as soon as the film is edited we shall put it here for you to see.
When paint sealants are sold, they show you it on a car, they show you how glossy the car looks... what they don't show you is what the car will look like three years later. Few people get to see what we see, which is probably why we are fanatical about sealants. Our faith is unshakeable!

Supagard keeps your car looking like new for many years.
Does this look good or what?

Keep in mind that Supaguard is a 3 year sealant. This car was treated by us when almost new 7 years ago. During that time, the Supagard Shampoo and Paint Seal Cream were not used. Instead the car was washed fairly regularly (about once a month), and done properly by hand at good car wash centre (at Bread & Cheese Hill, Benfleet). The interior was regularly vacuumed out, and a couple of times it was brought to us so we could shampoo the seats which are light in colour and in the words of the owner, "a bugger to keep clean".

No grime in the detailed areas
Its the detail that makes a car look new. There is no grime or build up of wax and polish around the badges or in the shuts (gaps between panels), because the car has never been waxed or polished.

Supawheels wasn't available when this car was treated.
We ended up just washing the car... it wasn't worth valeting. This car was done properly by professionals who take pride in their work.
The wheels were slightly scuffed, but the difference this makes to the value of this car, it didn't warrant refurbishing them.

positive feedback for valeting for Supagard "I never bothered waxing or polishing the car before this one and it looked a bit tatty by the end.

When I got this car, my other half had it done with Supagard - I had never heard of the stuff to be honest, and I haven't really thought about it since. All I know is that this car has always looked shiny and clean and been really easy.

It's important for me to keep the interior clean because I have allergies and I have found that it really easy to manage.

I will definitely have Clean Image put supagard on my next car when I get it."



Julie - Essex - 12/04/08

A few chips.
There are a couple of stone chips, and a bit of a gouge on the bumper, but all-in-all nothing that warrants more than a touch-in to get a good price for the car now that it is for sale.

When you see cars like this, it makes us wonder if we shouldn't join in with the chorus that cries that sealant don't work and they are a waste of money... because frankly, if this car hadn't been paint sealed we would have made more money out of it over the years to keep it in this condition.

Make no mistake, it is all about the money! If you now go and look on AutoTrader for 6 year old SEATs that are for sale, you won't find in as good condition as this. Potential buyers will see what's available and they will want this one, it may even make 'over the book money'. This isn't a high value car, but the increased resale value will easily cover the initial outlay on the sealant, probably by a factor of 2 or 3. And as a bonus, the owner of this car has had the car looking in great condition the whole time she has owned it and had to do little work to keep it that way.
That's why we recommend sealants -- they are a winning product who's converts return to us time and time again. We look forward to applying another sealant to Julie's new car.

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