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Supagard Review

Is it worth it? We think you'll agree it is.

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An interesting bit of footage, this car has just been Supagard'd. The Gentleman is just about to drive it away and it obviously looks like new because it's a fairly new car it's a couple of years old. We have obviously buffed it and clay bared it and made it look fantastic, you can see the way the water is rolling off. Lovely.

He's the other part of the story, it's quite funny really, this car is his old car which he's had for five years and when he got it we supagard'd it. So in all that time he hasn't waxed it or anything and he says it still comes up absolutely lovely. Isn't that funny, look how nice it is. Five years down the line, there's a good testimony to how good is Supagard.

So how good is Supagard? So I've just washed it and you might notice I'm still out of breath because it's only taken me literally three minutes. ...and I mean that, I just pulled it on the wash bay and washed it with just pure water, jet washed it over and then just sponged it over with water and then rinsed it.

Now here's a funny one for you, here's the original receipt for the work he had done. This was actually Supagard'd  six  five years, ten months ago. there you go, can you read that? I don't know if you can see it on there, there's the date on the original receipt look. The seventh of the first, zero-five. So there you go, we did it six... nearly six years ago, five years and ten months ago, the guy's hardly cleaned it, never mind waxed it. And look how good it looks, You can see there's some dents he's picked up, but look how glossy it is! Fantastic, what a great testament to supagard.

The guy's never waxed it, does it look as good as it did six years ago? Yeah! I think it does, I really do I think it looks that good. Look at it, look how shiny that wing is. Wow! And how shiny the sides are and all I've done is just sponged it over with water. And we've found the receipt in with the paperwork so when he originally got it, the car was three years old when he bought it, he bought it to us, we buffed it, we clay bared it and removed some fallout from it, it had some train fallout, then we Supagard'd it, and then off he went! And the six years, nearly six years down the line, he comes back with it looking like that. Look at the big dent in the wing there... even that's shiny! So there you go, how fantastic is that?

Right, and look at the inside, I'll give you a quick glance at the inside. The fabric is still pretty nice, as it happens I think he might have vacuumed that over a few times. We certainly haven't had it here for a valet of any sorts. He's obviously not used the rear seats but the front seats he has. It's done ninety-something-thousand miles, so it has had a bit of use. Ninety one thousand, so he has used it.



We are still asked if Supagard is worth it - unless you have seen the results on a car that's three or more years old, it can be hard to believe that it's worth the initial outlay. Fortunately we do get to see these older cars and there is no doubt the effect is stunning. We are are also asked if it's a good idea to put Supagard on black cars, we especially recommend it on dark coloured cars as it helps to reduce fine scratches that make paintwork look older.

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This particular car has been used heavily and we are told the owner rarely washed it, although he did have somebody else do it from time to time. You can't say that it has been meticulously cared for, however the car is in a condition which is a good starting point to prepare it for resale. It has picked up some dents and car park damage, but with these fixed the car would be listed at above average condition and sell at the higher end of it's potential value. This alone justifies the cost of Supagard, but more importantly for the majority of Supagard customers the car was low maintenance during the time they owned it.


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