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Supagard Fabric Protection

Showing cards protected with Supagard dipped in coffee and dirt.

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Video Transcript

Arron: If you are going to have your seats and carpet's cleaned, it's a good idea to have a protector put on them, they dirtier a lot quicker once they have been cleaned [Shampooed with an extractor]. So I've got here a card which is half been protected with Supagard Fabric Protector and half hasn't, and I have coffee in the cup here. I'll just dip this in and show you what it does.

You can see the difference there, the untreatedd section on this side. So basically the water has beaded off of it and dripped down, where as this one has absorbed it and soaked in.


Arron: Here's another card which has been Supagarded on one side and untreated on the other, I'm going to test it out in a dirty puddle we have on our wash bay. I'll just drop it in there...

I've ripped it in half! The untreated side is gone, it's demolished.

Gary: Okay so give it a rinse in the bucket, and you can see that... Yeah look at that! Thats the treated side, oh wow, look at that.

Arron: I stood on it a bit too much.


This video demonstrates how Supagard Fabric Protector will protect a card made from thick blotting paper. We dip it in coffee and stomp on it in a puddle.


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