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Spilt Milk in a Car

...and the subsequent odours.

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This customer brought his car to us with a bad milk smell. He was drinking milk when he spilt about two pints of it. It's soaked right through and gotten into the thick underlay under the carpet. He's tried to wash it out but that's just diluted it and spread it around more.

It's not the milk you can smell, it's the bacteria that feeds on the milk, the milk provides a food source and as long as the source remains the bacteria will thrive. The bacteria that is feeding on the milk can then it's self can become a food source for other bacteria, before you know it the whole car can stink and the whole car is contaminate. It's one of those things that can get worse and worse. So the quicker you can get this kind of thing sorted out the better, in fact it's best if you can bring it to us to remove the milk before it begins to smell.

To remove the milk we are using an extractor, which you might know as a 'Wet-Vac'. Although we are diluting the milk, we are continually extracting it so we are not spreading the solution around. We are going to repeat this process three or four times, the aim being to get as much of the milk out as possible. The next stage is to treat the area with bio-active enzymes. These enzymes are going to compete with the bacteria for food, eating all the milk, and then once bacteria has starved to death because it has no more milk to feed on, the enzymes will then eat the bacteria.

These sprint enzymes have many advantages over deodorants and strong anti-bacterials, they don't leave behind strong smells, and they don't trigger allergies, and they are completely safe, generally they only eat dead and rotting organic matter. They are very similar to biological washing powders except there is not powdery residue and they are specifically designed to target this kind of problem so they are not going to damage your fabrics.

We won't be drying the carpets after we have shampooed them, the enzymes work best when it's warm and damp. They also take a little time to work, so we'll allow the car to dry naturally while the enzymes carry in doing their thing.

We are using an air tool which is going to push these enzymes deep into the carpet,they will work their way through anyway, but doing it this ways speeds up the process just a little bit.

The customer can now take the car away -- it smells much, much better but those enzymes are going to carry on working for another day-or-so. In about a week we'll give the customer a ring to make sure the smell hasn't returned. If it has they can bring the car back to us and we'll repeat the whole process at no extra charge.

DannyDanny Argent ~ 30/11/2011


In this video, Danny explains how we we deal with milk that is spilt in a car and how we remove the smell using an extractor and bio-active enzymes.


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