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Examples of repairs done badly.

Can smart repair really save you money? (Prt 2)

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Gary: This car has come in to have all four wheels refurbed, and a couple of smart repairs done. But interestingly enough the car has had some kind of smart repair before, only it's on an area where it really should have had a body shop repair, which we call a 'Midi'.

The good thing is at the moment I've got the light, the sun's shining on it, and you can clearly see where the Small Area Repair has been done -- we call it a small area respray. So if you can see that door there, you can see a square on it, you should be able to see that fairly clearly... and that's the bit that's been resprayed of course. And there's our repair's going to be done there. We think this is the area where it's okay to do a small area respray, and this area is not. You can clearly there on that door, you have this line, like a cloudy area.

The colour is right, whoever has sprayed it has got the colour right, but where the colour goes from one to another it ends up cloudy. So if you were doing it on a low area like this, you can lose it around the corner and you just don't see it, it's fine.


So this has had body damage on here and it looks like they have tried to do it on the car. You can see here there is quite a large gap and it gets wider and around here it's quite big, I can get my little finger in there.

So they have tried to do the repair on the car, it's an example of where smart repair didn't really come into play, or shouldn't come into play but somebody has obviously gone for that option.

And if you go further down the side, you see all the swirls down the side. And it's had another smart repair here and they have gone up to this line and you can see where the tape line along here. They put the tape line in the gap.

I'll show you on the bonnet that somebody has tried to smart repair an area on the bonnet, and you've got what looks like orange peel along here where they have taped a line, or painted over it -- and the same this side, so they have got some blemishes in the paint and come right along here, again it's got this orange peel edge.

Can you see that? They have sprayed this strip here by the look of it, and you can see the swirl marks where they have buffed it in. Most of the paint has gone along here and it looks a bit orange peel.

If you down the side, there's more swirl marks and then you've got another smart repaired area here, it's gone a bit funny around the door handle here, and down here, you can probably see that.


We are looking at a few-year-old Mercedes S-class, it's obviously been somewhere where it's had repairs, I would suggest that it's had smart repairs on it and really, the smart repairs are a little over-ambitious.

Here we have a repair which is quite obvious to us in the trade, but most people might look at it and think it's gone a bit funny, they don't realize it's a repair, but this panel here has had some damage around here, and it's been sprayed all the way around here. I don't know if you can see it in the reflection but the paint surface has gone kind of bumpy, a bit kind of orange peel and there's bits in the paint. It's not major but on an S-Class, it's not what you'd expect.

GaryGary Wray ~ 20/05/2011


If a repair is done badly, it will cost you when you come to sell your car, and if you are returning it to a lease company you are likely to incur recharges, so you'll pay twice. In the examples above, some of the repairs are very sloppy work, but what they all have in common is that they are Small Area Repairs done on large body panels -- they should have been done at a bodyshop and faded out properly as shown in the previous video.

Ultimately, the solution is to use both when they are appropriate to ensure that you get the right quality without paying more than you need to.

If you are not sure if you need a Small Area Repair or a Bodyshop Repair, then send us a photo through Ask the Experts ~
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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