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Showcase: Anglia Car Trim of Halstead Essex
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We get lots and lots of enquiries about cigarette burns, rips in seats, scuffs and cracks in leather, rips in convertible hoods... the list is endless! Some of these bits of damage we can do, but often we need to refer people onto a specialist coach trimmer. We have know Dave Wilkes of Anglia Car Trim for over 10 years, so he is one of the companies we most often recommend. He has sent us some photos so that we can give you a better idea of exactly what is possible.


This is a wonderful example of what trimmers do. The seats in these pictures have damaged bolster. They have gotten worn which has weakened the, and this has lead to them getting ripped.


This photo shows the same seats after the bolster panels have been replaced.


Again, here is a seat with a rip in the bolster, this time it is further around - this kind
of damage is fairly common and can be caused by seatbelt buckles.


Dave has replaced the section making the seat look as good as new.


The two repairs featured above are possible because Dave was able to match the fabric used on the origional car. So what happens when that fabric is no longer available? The only solution is to get creative! You can use a similar material and replace the damaged area, or you can take a totally different colour, or texture, or swap fabric for leather. You can pretty much do whatever you want, of course if you do it this way, you have to do the whole interior to match.

This car has had central replaced with a pale blue.


You can go really mad if you want and pimp-your-ride in a harlequins style, it's all a question of taste. (These seats belong to Dave's van which serves as an sample, but this wouldn't look too out of place in a young lady's hot-hatch).






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