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"The motor from Majorca don't look like
what it oughta!"

Rolls Royce - Modern Car Renovation

I have to stress, that rust is something we normally steer clear of. It's not something that can be dealt with with a smart repair. To be rid of it, normally you need to cut out the bad metal, weld in new metal, and this is normally done at a body-shop/panel-beaters. In normal cases if you came to us with a rust problem, we would refer you to a car body repair shop, and in this case we would recommend a replacement sun-roof.

Rust on Rolls Royce.

However, this car's new home is Majorca, where there is far less humidity. Normally a repair of the kind we have undertaken might last a couple of years before the rust would start to come through again (which in our opinion means it's only a temporary repair, and so doesn't meet our standards), but in the warmer climate of the Mediterranean, we feel that this repair could last many more years.

Rust on sun roof.

As mentioned on the previous page, we managed this car as a project, taking the role of project managers for some of the work we can't do ourselves. We refer many people to specialists, but often a customer will bring a car to us and ask us to arrange and manage the work.
So CCS windscreens removed the sunroof, and while the car returned to New Again to have the dents removed and the leather recoloured, we took the roof off to be shot blasted to remove the rust.

Shot Blasting.

First it was taken to Maldon Shot Blasting and Powder Coating who used a wet technique to blast the rust off and get back to the bare metal (above). This was actually a very delicate operation, the process causes huge amounts of friction, which causes heat which can warp and permanently damage the pressing. Unfortunately, Shot blasting wasn't quite enough to remove all the rust and we were referred on to A1 Sandblasting who... blasted it with sand! (below)

snad blasting to remove rust.

Prepared sun roof with rust removed.
The photo above shows the outer surface which is now free of rust. The problem with rust is that what you can see on the surface is usually the tip of the ice burg.


Ready for painting.

So, the sun roof was prepared and ready to be sent to Kraftwork which is our favourite body shop for this kind of work. However, it would have to wait because Davide was on holiday in Greece and would only return the two days before the car was due to go back to Majorca. This is why we went to so much trouble to get it prepared and ready for painting. Normally he would do all the preparation, but as things stood, we had a short window of time to get him to match the colour, paint it and return it to us so that we could get car and roof back to CCS Windscreens so they could reunite them.

Finished Rolls Royce roof.

Having had very little sleep, Davide arrived at New Again practically straight from the airport. He took the preped roof, and also took the petrol cap as something for him to match the colour against. He got the finished Sunroof back in record time (above) and we were able to have it refitted on schedule.

So to sum up, CCS Windscreens removed it and refitted it, Maldon Shotblasting and A1 Sandblasting removed the rust, Kraftwork repainted it, and we did the running around and organizing. Despite the number of people and time involved, it still worked out less than half the price of a replacement Sunroof painted and fitted at a dealership.



Rolls Royce Restoration
1. Intro & Wheel Refurbishment
2. Glass Repair
3. Rust Repair
4. Leather Recolouring - Seats
5. Leather Recolouring - Steering Wheel
6. Dent Repair
7. work in progress

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