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Megane Bumper Scuff Repair

Medium Area Repair on the bumper of a Renault Megane.

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Video Transcript

So here we have a typical smart repair scenario. This is a Renault Mengane and it's got a scuff on the corner of the bumper. It's quite a nasty one, it's only on the corner of the bumper. If it had caught the wing we would nave suggested that it go it a body shop, unless it were a tiny touch up, but often when they do get scuffed, they scuff accross the wing.


So what are you doing there then Matt?

Just putting the primer on, getting it all nice and smooth before putting the colour on.


So this is the colour that have gone into it. It's amazing, you got yellow, black, red, another kind of yellow with a pearl in it, another red, an oxidized kind of colour, a brown, and thats the actual mix.


So Matt can you tell me a little bit about the paint you are using? Tell me, how do you mix these colours?

How we mix the colours is that we take the paint code off the vehicle. We have a program on the laptop, where we type in the code, and it comes up with the formula which gives you the measurements for all the different colours.

How does that compare with the bodyshop on the colour side?

The mix of the colour is exactly the same as the bodyshop, we just mix it in smaller dosages.

What about the lacquers then, how do they compare? The colour is exactly the same, just a smaller scale, the lacquers are...?

The lacquers are very similar, but the stuff we use is more environmentally friendly, we use a non-isocyanide two-pack lacquer whereas a bodyshop would possibly use an isocyanide based lacquer.

And they use it in a booth with special filters?

So the finished end result is the same is it?

Exactly the same, the quality of the stuff we use is exactly the same as the bodyshop.


And there it is like a peice of glass, it looks fantastic. And that's guaranteed for three years, the colour match is great. and that looks great, and we can do that in a morning or an afternoon. Or if it suits you you can leave the car all day. But most people will want to drop the car off and go into town for a few hours and leave it with us.

GaryGary Wray ~ 22/08/2011


In this video we show a repair to a scuff on a bumper. The paints we use are the same as used in a bodyshop, then last just as long, thats why we offer a three year guarantee.

It's always worth asking us if we can help through Ask the Experts. We are BVRLA trained lease car inspectors and we are always happy to advise you about your lease car.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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