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Bumper Scuff Repair

Smart repair on the bumper of a Renault which is being returned to the lease company.

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This Renault Clio is in for a smart repair today. The car is actually a lease vehicle, the company have approached us, the same company has used us before for lease repairs on previous cars.. similar cars. The Chap is obviously aware that doing a smart repair on a corner will pass a lease inspection and also save the customer, and the company... the company mainly, quite a bit of money on the bumper repair. We're going to replace the wheel trims, the customer brought the wheel trims along. A new set of Renault wheel trims and we're going to put them on the car before the car leaves us today.

We'll show you the smart repair process while the smart repair is being done.

Okay so the smart repair is all finished, looks lovely. We apply a guarantee to this one as well, and to every smart repair we do, three years.

It's a big saving for lease companies, we're forever doing bumper scuffs on lease vehicles these days.

KieranKieran ~ 30/11/2011


A scuff like the one on the Renault would incur recharges if the car was returned to the lease company in this condition. In the vast majority of cases, having the repairs carried out yourself is cheaper than the recharges.

Original enquiry.

It's always worth asking us if we can help through Ask the Experts. We are BVRLA trained lease car inspectors and we are always happy to advise you about your lease car.
Send us a photo and we will tell you the best way to fix it.


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