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Removing dents with dry ice and CO2

We recently saw some videos on YouTube that show somebody removing dents in body panels using dry ice, or a plumbers carbon dioxide spray which they said was their favorite method.

This got us rather excited! We thought that this could be another string to our bow. Although it has been touted as a 'DIY' method, it isn't so easy to get dry ice. But we looked into getting a dry ice maker, thinking that this technique would be excellent for small easy dents that we couldn't do because we had no access from behind. We knew it wouldn't remove all dents, and the Dent Repair technicians had no need to worry for their jobs... in fact, it could have speeded up what they do and allowed them to do more jobs in a day. The possibilities seemed endless.

But our first step was to actually see how well it works. As CO2 is easier to get than dry ice, and was promised as the most effective method, we thought we would try this first. We tried it on about two dozen dents over the course of a week and didn't get one successful result. The best we could manage was about a 20% improvement on one door ding (which was later removed completely by conventional paintless dent removal).

We re-examined all the instructional videos on You Tube to see if we were doing anything wrong. While there we noticed that they weren't completely removing the dents and if you look carefully you could still see them. They were getting better results than we were, but they still weren't as good as it first apeared. This isn't a miracle cure... unfortunately. Looking back, these videos do say, "The dent isn't noticable", the don't say it's gone. We also think that if they are waiting 5 mins between each attempt as some of the videos suggest, then it would be quicker to use conventional PDR.
Needless to say, we didn't bother trying the dry ice method of paintless dent removal.

If this had worked as promised, it would have caught on like wildfire. Pitty!


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