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How we Remove Cigarette
Smoke Smell from a Car

Pairing the odour with citrus using a thermal fogger.

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Video Transcript

Kieran: Here we have a nice modern car, BMW 3 series. It's in today for odour kill, the customer has just purchased the car and it smells of smoke so the previous owner smoked in the car.

We are going to fog the inside of the car using our thermal foggin machine, it's designed to treat airborne odours and hard to reach surfaces such as inside vents and behind the dashboard. And we pair the product [with the kind of odour we want to remove], the one we'll be using inside the machine is a citrus based smell. And it's to pair with the smoke smell inside the car.

You can see the cloud inside the car, and what we now have to do is turn the circulation system on inside the car so that can run through the air vents as well.

Thats the odour kill service finished, the smoke machine is out of the car and we have cleaned all the surfaces with enzymes and citrus based products. And we call the customer a week after leaving us today, so it being saturday we'll call the customer next saturday purely as a courtesy follow-up to make sure everything is okay with the car. And the smell is gone.


This video shows us using a fogging machine as part of the process of removing the odour of cigarette smoke from this BMW. We use 'pairing', whereby we add a smell which instead of masking the odour, combines with it to make a slightly different smell.


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