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Mould & Mildew in Range Rover

Restoration of water damage, removal of stains and mildew smell.

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Video Transcript

Gary: This Range Rover has come into us from the insurance company. What's happened is that it had a vandal-attack And this rear window was broken. And the cars been to a main dealer where they've resprayed the panels, I think it's had a scratch along this side. And replaced the glass, but unfortunately it wasn't sorted out straight away so there's a lot of water come in through here and it's caused the vehicle to steam up over a period of time... it's gone through a fair bit of winter so what's happened is that it's got all this mould growing in it, can you see all that around there, it's all over there. The liquid you can see is our decontamination product which kills the mould and stops it coming back. But the interesting thing about it is (a little plug for Chemspec) that you can actually swim in it -- they actually do use it in swimming pools believe it or not. So not only does it kill all the mould and stop it coming back, it's very, very safe.

Gary: The main dealer was going to replace a lot of the interior because it's gone on the seats and various places, but it doesn't need to be replaced... we can replace one or two parts because I think it's had an effect on the plastic on the back. but we are going to strip it, get the water out where the spare wheel is and show you exactly what we're going to do with it.


Gary: Lets have another look at how we are getting on -- How we getting on Matt?

Matt: Well, I've just done all, the other three seat belts, this is the last one. As you can see, when you pull it out you can actually see the mould which is actually in the reel.

Gary: I can see it on that bit there, is this what you are talking about? So has it done the seatbelt any harm?

Matt: No, no. We'll give it a good clean with the chemical we've got, decontaminate it...

Gary: Presumably this mould is growing on what was on the seat belt, the dirt that was on the seatbelt?

Matt: Yeah that's right, yeah.

Gary: Any more dirt? Any more areas?

Matt: There's a lot of detail to this car, erm...

Gary: Got to do in between the seatbelts is that it?

Matt: Yeah as you can see it's down there.

Gary: Oh right so it's normal dirt you'd see in a car anyway is it?

Matt: Yeah and the mould grows on that.

Gary: Oh I see, so we've got to clean it in a lot of detail to make sure it's right which of course is what we are used to doing anyway.
And you can see down there were the carpet meets the metal. We've got to get in there and get all that out. It's just normal, a family's had it, most people don't notice the dirt in these gaps but if I pull the stitching apart, you can see it there can't you. It's just sort of gets in all the gaps but we're used to cleaning this anyway, if we were doing a valet on a car.
So this is where the mould has had a bit of an effect on the surface and just marked it.

Matt: That's right yeah.

Gary: So what are we going to recommend? It needs replacing?

Matt: Yeah replace the panels.

Gary: Right, okay. The headlining's fine though is it? Just dirty? A few grubby marks on it?

Matt: Yeah I just need to wipe it -- there's a bit of mould on there as well.

Gary: Oh yeah, on the switch.


Arron: We've finished the car now, We've not done anything to the outside because the insurance company has still got a lot of work to do on it. It's got to stay like that, they have got to repaint the bottom half, the bits there if you like. I think he's going to come back and have his wheels done with us. And other bits, little dents, scratches and whatnot.

Anyway, so the more important bit if we just go inside... the car has had a bit of history so, it's used to be an ex-safari car, I think it was originally painted orange I think. It's had some use, put it that way. The dirt isn't just normal surface-dirt like you'd do in a normal regular car, it's really ground into most of the gaps. It's not the reason it was here, the reason was the mould, but while cleaning it we have obviously found it was a bit more work than we thought. Anyway it's come up really nice, we've take apart a few parts of the console to get in the gaps, all in the seat runners, all in the little gaps, tried to blast it out of them gaps. Centre console, steering wheel, we've done all the headlining, that's all clear, all the glass.

In the back we've done the same, lifted all the seats up, it was sort of... 'minging' if you like, under there. So we got rid of all the mould and the sweet wrappers and the sticky sweets and all sorts.
In the boot there's the rubber matt that you get in these. But under there we've done all inside the compartments at the back, we took the little panels off where the mould and the damp just got in.
There are a few bitts if I just zoom in over there, you can see from use, there's scratching on that plastic. You can't recolour those it's a new part unfortunately. There are signs... not bad mould, not like 'growing' on there. It's just the way it stains the actual material. They can be replaced as well which I think they are going to be.
But apart from that it's clean, it's not immaculate, but it's clean and the mould is gone. All areas have been treated as well, all the carpets, the seats, headlining, it's all been done with our anti-mould product so it's not going to grow back.


Gary: There it is all done, and going on the lorry back to the dealers. They've got one or two jobs to do on it before it goes back to the owner. The chaps just checking it over before it goes back on the transporter.


Due to vandalism, water got into this car and the situation was left over winter. As is often the case with leaky of flood damaged cars that are not treated within a reasonable amount of time, mould and mildew set in. Aside from the black mould stains on carpets and upholstery, the smell of mildew spores can significantly effect air quality, possibly even triggering allergies. The carpets were shampooed, while all other surfaces were cleaned in detail with anti-bacterial and anti-fungicide detergents.


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