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Power of dreams  


Honda - The power of dreams Click here to see the ad.
Honda - Power of Dreams
Impossible Dream Advert

Honda 225 series
The second boat we were to work on formerly belonged to Honda and they have used it quite extensively in their marketing, most recently in the wonderful Power of Dreams series of adverts. An identical boat to this one appeared on Channel 5's motoring program 5th Gear where it raced against Jenson Button in his F1 car and Michael Rutter on his Honda British Super Bike.

It is now in the hands of Paul Charman's F4offshore and has undergone some repairs by D.S. Developments to Paul’s specific requirements. D.S Develpomets specialise in waterproof communications equipment.

Because the comms they manufacture need to be waterproofed in sealed units, they are quite adept at working with fibreglass and now also repair and condition hulls for several teams. They have also rebuilt part of the top section of this 225 series Honda - the Honda 4-stroke championship is an exciting and rough sport and these powerboats are often bashing into each other meaning they often require repair.


Team Honda 225 class power boat
The 225 is a beautiful boat, seen here before application of the Team Mermaid racing livery.

Although longer than the 150 at 8.15m, the 225 actually weighs about the same meaning a higher power to weight ratio.

Willy applies the special boat coating
Willy Winterfalk of Allbrite Europe

This Honda 225 Class race boat will be driven by Paul Charman who won the 2004 150 Class Championship. It's his 4th full season in the Honda 4-stroke championship having started out in 130 Class and finishing 2nd in his second season then moving up to and winning the 150 class when Honda upgraded the engines. This season Paul has joined forces with David Hobson, team principle of the 150 Class boat, and will be racing as part of a the two boat team, under the name of Team-Mermaid We hope to hear some news soon and will be reporting on any boats that we have had an involvement in (although we have not been involved with Team-Mermaid's 150), and we hope to find the time to go to at least a couple of the races. The Season starts in June at the Isle of Mann and we can't wait - for more details on the championship.

So shiny you can see your face in it.
Gary removing the excess 'Barnacle Juice'. As you can see it gives a wet look glossy finish.

Geoff in action
Geoff of AutoBright

On this second boat we used formula No.2 which is not as slippery as No.1 but will last longer which we feel is important on this faster boat. Allbrite's lab tests are no substitute for the real thing and we will just have to wait and see. Willy Winterfalk has every confidence in the products he has produced so far, and I have to say, having seen and felt the results I can't see how it can fail to give a competitive advantage that will make a race winning difference.

We look forward to finding out how things go, meantime we will try to think of a suitable name - my suggestion has not proved popular and now Paul Charman's "Magic Jollop" is a front runner. AutoBright will eventually stock the product which will be available from their online shop.

The finished Honda 225
The boat with the 'Barnacle Juice' applied and dried - we will be keeping our fingers crossed that it proves as slippery as it looks and lasts long enough to make a difference.

Paul Charman sent us an e-mail as he wanted to add a few words to this article:-

"Sadly I was unable to meet the 'Barnacle Juice' team when they were applying their secret formula but on initial inspection I have to say I think they are on to something special here. In a sport where all your competitors are in identical machinery and no modifications are permitted an extra 0.5mph, yes! That’s point 5mph, is considered a huge speed advantage, I’m so glad this is on my boat.

My initial test was an un-scientific approach – 'The Finger Test' Take one index finger, wet it and run down the Hull, Yep, this is slippery stuff! My second test was the impromptu head butt test – Place one wet hand on a treated surface of the hull whilst bending down to retrieve a dropped mobile phone, I think you can guess the rest. But the real test will be out on the water alongside the rest of the Honda fleet. My initial goal for this season is my biggest challenge of all. It is to ensure I have a competitive boat, I will really only discover if I have achieved this goal on the start run in our first race. I will be able to improve my driving as the season develops, but boat performance is another matter. One thing is for sure I already have one advantage over the rest of the fleet.

Thanks for the bruise guy's! I will keep you posted."


DannyDanny Argent ~ 3/6/06


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