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How much is it worth?

How much is it worth to you to have a car that makes you look a million dollars? Priceless! After all, That's why you bought the car in the first place, we can make the car look like the one you saw in the showroom, often we can make it look better!

Positive feedback for buffing and alloy wheel restoration. "I got the car from new, this is better than new.

I cannot stress how good it was. Gob-smaked! Wonderful!

Wheels were fantastic."

Galen Moore - 4/05/05

But it's when you come to sell your car that you will notice the difference.

We showed this article to several car dealers, two of whom were fooled into thinking that this car was actually a newer model than it actually is (as we have blanked out the number plate, it's an 'N' Reg). The general consensus is that on a high value car like this, you would raise the retail value from between £2-3k.

"If a prospective buyer tells you they are going to look at a few more, they never come back! You have made the difference between a car that people turn their noses up and walk away from, and a car that people really want to buy. You just can't put a price on that!" Peter Lansdell - Car Dealer -Chelmsford



DannyDanny Argent ~ 2/08/05



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