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DannyDanny Argent ~ 2/08/05

The other problem on this Porsche was the paintwork. It seems that Porsche and a few other manufacturers use a different paint to most other car manufactures, they do this so that they can use colours which are rich, deep and bright. The drawback is that this paint is very soft - it scratches very very easily. Great care has to be taken to protect it especially when washing the car.

Spider-webs on the bonnet catch the light

The car had been put through a car wash on many occasions which is bad for any car, the paintwork on Porsches is so soft that it's very hard not to scratch it when carrying out washing, waxing and polishing.. even sponges and cleaning cloths leave marks unless they are of the highest quality. So the hard plastic brushes of a car wash will make scratches which will catch the light as seen in the photo above. this is often called spider-webs or cob-webs for obvious reasons.

faded and dull paintwork and build up of crud around the Carrere badge

The paintwork had also gone without a protective coat of wax or sealant for a time and this had caused the paintwork to oxidize. Essentially the topmost surface of the paint had corroded leaving it looking flat and dull, as can be seen in the photo above. The special paint that is supposed to look deep and bright looks anything but!

We informed the customer that this problem with the paintwork was not too hard to correct. We also advised having a paint sealant applied to help protect the paintwork and so avoid the car getting in this state again.

More micro-scratches on Porsche bonnet

Armed with the relevant information, a number of options and our price list the customer went away to think about it - and no doubt discuss the matter with the owner of the car.
When you own a beautiful car like this, you obviously want to keep it looking beautiful - to do otherwise kind of defeats the point. Many of us who aspire to owning such a work of automotive art may think that we would love and cherish such a vehicle. But the reality is that car like this are earned through hard work, meaning that the owners of prestige vehicles are people with very little time for maintaining solutions such as paint sealants.




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