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Our very own Mike...


Whey-hey! It's not as easy as it looks. I did much the same thing on my go and hurt my hip. Poor 'ol Mike was already covered in brusies after coming off his motorbike a couple of days before.


but Mike made it to the bottom in one peice.


And then it was my turn and I make a rare apparance in a photo.


I volunteered to go as soon as I could, I could see that some people were very nervous and I had my suspicions that some people might get cold feet… as I had got at least 5 of the people on that roof into this situation, I thought I had better set an example. I didn’t have to fight too hard to get to the front of the cue!
On the several occasions I have done abseiling before I had done so as part of rock climbing courses, so I was determined to check the fixings and knots for myself as this was what I had been taught, but as the instructor grabbed me and fixed me to the safety line, it was obvious that he knew his job very well, he tied the knots so fast I could hardly see what type of knot it was.
He asked me if I had abseiled before, and I really should have told him no so that he was more gentle with me, but I said ‘oh yes, many times’. I think it was for this reason he decided to test my bottle by making me stand on the ledge of the roof for quite a long time! As everybody will tell you, this is probably the worst bit, standing right on the very edge with your back to the sky and nothing to hold onto. It was at this point I realized just how windy it was – I bent my legs to help me balance. “You have to straighten your legs” he said, this is true, but he hadn’t even attached the line to my descender at this point, and I wasn’t so sure he had a good grip on the safety line!


More Photos of this event at the CM Photography web site.

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