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Willy's Summer Visit
Part 4 - Porsche Carrera 4
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We could talk to you about values -- obviously we did put value back into this car. But what we never talk about is how a car like this makes you feel, (probably because the only 2 seater sports car I have ever owned was a rusty old 1974 MGBGT). But just imagine how the customer felt when he collected this beautiful piece of German engineering.

Refurbishing the alloy wheels and buffing the paintwork made the car look stunning.

...this car is truly a modern classic, in my opinion far prettier than the new shape Porsches, and it was returned to the customer looking like a new car. I have to say it inspired awe just to see it glinting in the evening sunlight. I got a little carried away and took about 300 photos of this car... and yet I never use Photoshop trickery -- the car really did look this good. I wished I were the one driving it home.

Side view of the Porsche.

Landers waited 3 months for Willy the Buffmeister to come over from Sweden to do this car, read the testimony below to see if he thought it was worth waiting for.

As a side note, before coming to us this car had been to Barton & Son Coach Trimmers in Luton for some work on the leather upholstery. The job they did was superb and we have been recommending them ever since!

rear view of the Porsche.

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Swirl marks on the boot area and spoiler.


Swirl marks on the boot area and spoiler.

positive feedback for detailing and alloy wheel refurbishment. "Before using Clean Image services, I thought I'd take a drive down there and suss the place out. The place did not come across as state-of-of-the-art but then I did not know what to expect. Taking a quick look around there was a Jaguar which had been finished, I felt a bit more at ease because it looked brand new. I met Gary who was very approachable, he answered all my questions concerning paintwork correction and what sort of valet I would need to put the car right. Gary was confident that Clean Image could make the car look a lot better (I thought, yeah alright we will see). Anyway after a little chat I booked the car in. There was a small delay as I wanted the paint correction done by Willy who is only in the country a few time a year.

I delivered the car and I met Mark who went through with me what valet service I wanted. This was a nice approach as you priced what you wanted doing to the inside of the car without being pressured. My wheels were in a bit of a state and it was suggested to have them refurbished. I said "Only if I can get them done by the time the car was ready for collection". Mark was very helpful in this department. Clean Image had the car for five days due to the wheel having to be finished and it was well worth the wait.

I have hear of gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous and jaw dropping. I have never seen any of them until I went and collected my car. No doubt my days with the high street valet valet is over. I would definitely recommend Clean Image. "

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Porsche Carrera 4
Landers Polimis - Dagenham, Essex - 07/08/06

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