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Willy's Summer Visit
Part 2 - Porsche Carrera S
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Final detailing

The paintwork was inspected from every angle and where necessary areas were hand polished and re-waxed.

Deep gloss and mirror finish.

You wouldn't believe you would do this to a 3 month old Porsche, but our customer had not had it paint sealed from new. He simply took it to Germany's Nuremberg ring where the high speeds took their tool. You can take a brand new car straight from the showroom and buff it to a better-than-showroom condition.. but I'm not sure the UK market s ready for this yet. Apparently, the Porsche dealers have nicknamed the owner of this car 'Mr Detail', and whatever the customer wants, the customer gets.

Buffed and Waxed.

If you were to ask your Porsche dealer for a valuation of this kind of car in immaculate condition against an unloved example, you might be astonished to find that the price difference can run into many thousands of pounds. Just take at any of the price guides you will see. We aim to prove this with our next few cars by having them independently valued before and after.

Porashe Carrera S

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Willy with the customer

Another satisfied customer... he even has a glint in his eye!

Special Offer - We'll make you famous!
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We need your help to write one of our famous articles. We want to prove that paint correction is worth every penny, so we are looking for a couple of people to get their cars valued before they bring them to us for paintwork correction. And then, once we have made you car look super wonderful, if you get another valuation and bring it to us, and let us feature you in an article, we will give you £200 cash back. So not only will you and your car feature in one of our much read articles, you'll even get paid for it.
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