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Willy's Summer Visit
Part 2 - Porsche Carrera S
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By the afternoon the next day the car was finished and now the light was even more harsh which will be a great test of how well the car came up.

Final detailing.

This was the most difficult car Willy had ever done, and once he finished he vowed to never again tackle a car less than one year old. Paintwork gets harder with age and it may have been wise to have left this one to cure for a little longer as the paintwork was incredibly soft, virtually anything that touched it marked it. The nose cone was a particular problem, not least as it gets a fair amount of punishment... this car had been been around Nuremberg and an insect can do quite a lot of damage when it hits paintwork at 140mph. The scratches on the nose were deep and worse still, we seemed to marking the nose when putting on and taking off the wax. So unfortunately it was an area of the car we couldn't get as good as we wanted, although it was much better than when the car came to us.

spider webs (swirl marks) are totally removed.

Willy, Mark and Gary all spent about an hour final detailing the car, looking for every smudge and finger mark, removing polish and wax from the nooks and crannies.

Swirl marks on the boot area and spoiler removed, it now looks really glossy.

The sun was so bright that it confused my digital camera and many photos I took came out bleached, blurred or discoloured, but the harsh light couldn't shame the work on the car, it looked truly stunning.

Glossy paintwork after a coa of P21S carnauba wax.


On  a job like this, nothing is left to chance and three of our guys inspect the work and detail the prior to return to the customer.

We actually had another black Porsche at Clean Image at the same time and you should have seen the difference between them -- I apologize for forgetting to take photos.




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