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Willy's Summer Visit
Part 1 - Honda NSX
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sun reflects off the bonnet.

The car was then washed again, dried and topped with P21S wax. Unfortunately, by the time the car was finished it was getting late in the day and there were deep shadows across our car park, so I couldn't take photos in direct sunlight to show what a difference was made to the finish. However the buffing process doesn't just remove micro scratches, it leaves the paintwork shiny and glossy so that it is reflective as the glass on the windscreen.

final detailing

We drove the car outside and detailed it, removing any smears and bits of polish which may have found their way into the shuts.

glossy finish  - p21s

Although we were in the shade it was still a bright day so we did what we always did which is to turn the car around and look at it from all angles for the inspection.

ready for collection

All in all we were please with this one, by the time we had finished the car looked much better... it was an unusual colour with a floating metallic which could make the car look very flat. But buffing the car not only removed the scratches and swirls, it also brought out the colour and made it a deeper blue.

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positive feedback for valeting for export. "It was with some trepidation that I handed over the keys to my NSX - I had owned it just 3 days at the time - for 'paint correction'. The car is about 5 years old and the paintwork badly 'swirled'. I was fortunate that Willy was making one of his occasional visits from Sweden and had offered to polish my car. Mark was in overall charge of the work which also included an interior Odour Kill as a previous owner had smoked in the car.

I was both impressed and reassured by the amount of time that Willy, Mark, Danny and Gary spent talking to me and answering my questions. I am delighted with my car - the paintwork is now in a condition I can look after and take pride in.

I would recommend the good people without hesitation."

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Honda NSX

Ian Linnett - W. Hoathly - 25/07/06


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