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Willy's Summer Visit
Part 1 - Honda NSX
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For those of you haven't read our other articles, Willy 'The Buffmeister' Winterfalk pops over to Clean Image once in a while to buff some cars and train our guys on buffing. Willy has many years experience, and now as the European agent for Allbrite, he has developed his own set of buffing pads and compounds.

Willy buffs the NSX while keeping and eye on Mark who is working on a roof.

In the above photo you can see Willy is using a lambs wool pad at high speed to buff the spoiler, meanwhile he is also training Mark who can be seen in the background buffing the removable roof of a Mercedes. Mark has been buffing cars for over ten years and is our resident paintwork correction specialist, but you are never too old to learn from a master.

Rubbers are taped up to protect them.

Before any work begins the car is washed in detail and then rubbed down with a claybar to remove any stubborn particles such as rust and tree sap (these contaminates are often referred to as fallout). The car is then dried and a test area selected to work on. In other things you might choose a test area of the car in some discreet place, but with buffing you choose an upper surface on the bonnet or boot to practice on. Willy will then try different combinations of pads, polish and compound to see what works with this particular paint. Every car is different and you can never tell how hard or soft the paint is until you try. What you need to do is start off with a fine pad and a fine polish and work up to coarser combinations until you find a formula that will remove the scratches and yet not be so harsh that you risk damaging the paintwork which is easily done if you don't know what you are doing.

In this case Willy selected a wool pad and medium polish at quite a high speed for the initial 'cut' to remove the scratches. But this combination is coarse enough to leave it's own fine scratches which are often called holograms, to remove these Willy will have to use progressively finer combinations of pad and polish.

Buffing inside the air vents

In the photo above, Willy has moved onto a finer pad and can be seen buffing inside the air vents. Every area of the car is buffed as long as it can be reached. Great care needs to be taken as the buffing pad revolves at high speed and if it catches it could cause serious damage to the car.




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