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Spillage Video : How we deal with a paint spillage.

At a certain time of the year we do a lot of paint spillage clean-ups. Elsewhere on this website we recommend that people keep certain useful items in their car. One of these items is a couple of bin liners. They are really useful if you make impulse buys at the garden or DIY centre. If you are buying plants of garden orniments you can cut them open and lay them out in the boot so you don't make a mess of your carpet. Or should you buy paint, put the paint in the bag and tie up the top... we also recommend having a travel blanket, which in this case can be put over the bag to insulate it from heat. The problem is that people tend to want to do DIY on nice sunny days. But you take a cold tin of paint from an air-conditioned DIY centre and put it in a hot car and there is a very good chance the lid will pop off.

If you do find yourself in this situation, raid the airing cupboard for old towels and sheets, make them damp and put them over the paint to stop it drying... and get the car to us as soon as possible. Time is of the essence!

positive feedback for valeting for Supagard "The service provided by New Again has been exceptional. I had a disaster spill which required urgent attention. The problem was solved quickly and with near perfect result.

The staff members were friendly, concerned and extremely professional. This is an excellent business which deserves commendation."


Rupa - London - 31/05/08

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