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What to do when you have
spilt paint in your car.

Keep it covered covered, keep it damp, and head for us right away.

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Another way is to give us a call, and we'll advise you on the phone that you will need a wet towel, a towel you are prepared to sacrifice or a big blanket. Soak it and then get it over the paint so the paint isn't drying. Remember the little bits where you can't get it over properly, you need to tuck it right over. If it's near the bottom of a seat, you need to make sure you cover it, because it's no good keeping it we underneath and then it's dried around the awkward parts. It needs to be kept wet until we get to it because, it can be a lot easier to clean while it's still wet.

When you get to us we will have a look at it and assess it, and judge if it's going to be an hour or two hours -- in some instances you can clearly see it's only going to be an hour or two. In other instances you are never quite sure until you are actually doing it. You can't always see how much of the paint has gone down gaps and things until you cleat the bulk of it up. How we do it is, we do an hour or two while most people go off into town, we are only 5min from town, go and have a wander, go and have something to eat or something then come back. Or we can do that over the phone if wanted to, we can call you and say, "We have done an hour, and we now think it's going to take another couple of hours, or another hour and it will be done". But at this point you could come up against something, like it's gone down a gap or gone over an electronic box, or not coming off one of the serfaces, or it's gone under the carpet and seats have to come out and there is more involved... ideally then you have the option to call the insurance company and say, "look, I tried to do this myself, but it's turned out more than I thought, so can you take this up as a claim?". And that is where the insurance companies in our experience (we haven't had a problem yet) normally they will send an assessor out to us, have a look at it, And go ahead with it. Most of the time because we can safe them money they will go ahead with it, because if we can get these things appart, without having to replace these parts then it all works out better for everybody including the insurance company.

So we haven't had an insurance company that has a problem with it, most say go ahead. Sometimes they will insist on certain things being replaced, but most of the time they can see it's sensible to clean it rather than replace it and it makes a lot of sense if parts can't be readily available. Sometimes you need a plastic part, but you just can't get it, you ring the dealers and they don't have it in stock and it can take a while to order.

GaryGary Wray ~ 30/11/2011


Using wet towels to keep the paint from drying will make a clean-up easier. Once the spilt paint has dried everything becomes so much harder, parts may need replacing and these could take a long time to arrive.

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