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Paint Spill
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DannyDanny Argent ~ 10/12/04

With the paint still wet, we can use an extractor (wet vacuum) to remove most of the paint. The seats are then properly shampooed and special chemicals and solvents used to soften any areas of paint which have dried on.

Scrubbing up.

The paint seems to dry more quickly on areas of plastic trim and plenty of elbow grease is used to remove all traces.

After valeting

As you can see from the photo above, all the paint was remove and the boot is left looking as good as new.

This example was an emulsion paint, it's also sometimes possible to remove gloss paint depending oh how quickly we can get to it.

So if you find you have a car full of paint, don't panic, all is not lost. We treat accidents like this as an emergency and try to fit you in on the same day.

This job was done below the customers insurance excess, but you may as well take some photos and contact your insurance company, as paint can stain some plastic parts which may need smart repair or replacing, meaning the cost can easily go over your excess.

The paint spillage in these photos was particually serious as a large amount of paint had run through the boot into the spare wheel compartment and had covered the back of the rear seats, seat belt fixtures etc. The total cost was £242*, but at the time of writing this article we have just compleated another paint spill clean up where a quarter of a litre of gloss paint was spilt into the footwell of a car. Without the paint getting into seams and other nooks and cranies this job was compleated for £37.50* despite gloss paint being far more difficult to deal with.

*2008 prices

We charge £40+vat, for the first hour, and then £40+vat for every hour after that. Many of these jobs can be completed within an hour depending on the extent of the spillage.

"Monday??, possibly the worst day of 2004. Tuesday?? the best day!

A big thank you to Clean Image for their professional advice, support and ability to return my very badly damged car to pristine condition. I have recommended them a thousand times since the incident.."

Jo's paint spill

Jo Comben - Developments officer, I.T. Project Team, Essex Police


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