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New End-of-Lease Charges

Some lease companies are now charging based on bodyshop prices
rather than on a per-panel basis.

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Video Transcript

So on this car we had some damage on the rear wing and some bumper damage.


So if you have damage on this panel, which this one did, usually a lease company will charge you for that panel to be resprayed, if it's a scuff and has gone through the paint, that kind of thing.

But in the real world this panel would need respraying as well to blend the colour. Most body shops know that, most bodyshops will tell you that, that you can't just end your spray right at the end of a panel -- we showed you this in an earlier video. However, this particular lease company are charging for both panels. They are aware that both panels need to be resprayed so although you have no damage on this panel at all, You need to call your lease company to find out if you are going to be charged for that panel as well, because it needs to be blended for the colour match.

So thats another good reason why you need to call your lease company before you start having work done.


It have a couple of dents on it, a couple of dents on this side. We have advised the customer to leave the wheels in this instance because the cost is similar to the cost of repar. So the cost of the recharge and we called the lease company on behalf of the company that is returning this car.

Other than that it was not too bad.


Gary explains how this lease company charges as-per body shop repair rather than on a per-panel basis. And why this makes sense. The Video he refers to can be found here.

De-Fleet Services

Our End-of-Lease Services provide quality repair for excessive wear and tear, and is acceptable and appropriate for Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Private Lease, Contract Purchase and Lease Purchase. Fleet managers wishing to efficiently prepare off-lease vehicles can contact us or send their drivers directly to our Q&A. Our advisors are trianed by Manheim to work to the BVRLA guidelines.


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